These days, the choice of different finishes for your new kitchen cabinets is huge. Improvements in finishing technology means you can enjoy a cutting-edge, premium kitchen at an affordable price. The only problem you’ll have is there’s too much choice! To help you narrow down your decision as to which surface to go for, we’ve… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 24 Feb 2017

The definition of a great kitchen is largely up to you and how you use the room, but in general terms, it’s safe to say that a great kitchen will always be equipped for your needs, have lots of storage space and be easy to work in. Space We’d all love to have a large… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 22 Feb 2017

If you are redesigning your kitchen to give it a modern makeover, there are a number of trends for 2017 which will help you give it a contemporary, innovative edge and that good kitchen design feel factor.   Here are the five kitchen design trends of 2017   The industrial look Schüller Kitchens specialise in… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 27 Jan 2017

If you’re fortunate enough to be designing a new kitchen from scratch, with a huge space to work with and an unlimited budget, you could put the sink wherever you like! Unfortunately, most of us don’t have either the space or resources to turn our dreams into reality, so when it comes to the best… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 25 Jan 2017

Ergonomically speaking, the U-shaped kitchen is extremely efficient. It’s something that can be used in any sized kitchen, and fits in well with open plan designs. The U-shape optimises the amount of workspace available, giving you the largest possible amount of cooking space for the size of the room. It also gives you a lot… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 30 Nov 2016

Food waste is a huge concern for hotels across the world, not just in the UK. Specialist environmental groups such as the Green Hotelier and WRAP are coming together to produce guides for hotels on dealing with their waste. It’s thought that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is wasted every year, which combined,… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 28 Nov 2016

How you design your kitchen depends a lot on how much space you have in the room and how you want to use it. One-wall This is also known as the ‘Pullman kitchen’ after the design of the American Pullman train sleeping carriages in the 1920s and ‘30s. The one-wall design is self-explanatory, with the… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 25 Oct 2016

Planning your new kitchen can be as daunting as it is exciting. There are so many design ideas and beautiful photographs of amazing kitchens available to look at online that choosing even the basic look might take a while. So to make your decision a little bit easier, we’ve put together a brief guide to… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 23 Oct 2016