One of virtually everyone’s fondest childhood memories is licking the bowl when someone made a cake. It wasn’t only a lovely treat (and an excuse to eat between meals), but also a fantastic way of spending family time together. And the more time children spend in the kitchen watching the grownups cook, the more likely… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 21 Jun 2017

When it comes to family-friendly activities, the kitchen is the best room in the house. Moreover, it’s probably the only room where kids (and adults) can experiment with all sorts of different things and not have to worry too much about making a mess! Cooking The most obvious activities that you can do as a… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 26 May 2017

If you’re renovating your house, it’s likely that the kitchen is the first room you’ll think of. And we hope that it will involve a visit to our showroom in Cheshunt. We can show you 12 complete kitchen ideas, as well as samples of doors, worktops, tiles and splashbacks. You can also talk to one… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 21 May 2017

A new kitchen is a big investment, so once you’ve worked out what the budget for your new kitchen is going to be, you need to think carefully about how to spend it. Planning ahead It’s not just going to be a question of using up your entire budget on cabinets, tiles and appliances, you’re… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 26 Apr 2017

If, at some point in the near or distant future, you’re planning to redesign your kitchen, it’s a good idea to start collecting photos of designs and colour schemes you like. Rather than tearing them out of magazines and brochures, or saving them in separate files on your computer, try using Pinterest to aggregate your… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 19 Apr 2017

These days, the choice of different finishes for your new kitchen cabinets is huge. Improvements in finishing technology means you can enjoy a cutting-edge, premium kitchen at an affordable price. The only problem you’ll have is there’s too much choice! To help you narrow down your decision as to which surface to go for, we’ve… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 24 Feb 2017

The definition of a great kitchen is largely up to you and how you use the room, but in general terms, it’s safe to say that a great kitchen will always be equipped for your needs, have lots of storage space and be easy to work in. Space We’d all love to have a large… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 22 Feb 2017

If you are redesigning your kitchen to give it a modern makeover, there are a number of trends for 2017 which will help you give it a contemporary, innovative edge and that good kitchen design feel factor.   Here are the five kitchen design trends of 2017   The industrial look Schüller Kitchens specialise in… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 27 Jan 2017