Posted by KDCUK, on 27 Jan 2017

If you are redesigning your kitchen to give it a modern makeover, there are a number of trends for 2017 which will help you give it a contemporary, innovative edge and that good kitchen design feel factor.


Here are the five kitchen design trends of 2017


The industrial look

Schüller Kitchens specialise in designer fitted kitchens and predict the form, function and aesthetics of the industrial look they specialise in will continue to be hugely popular in 2017. “This is a look that combines the beauty of materials such as wood, stone and concrete and then, with advanced engineering, creates innovative finishes and solutions.”

Handle-less units

The sleek, uncluttered look that comes with handle-less units has become extremely popular. The style gives a simple, modern look which enhances the wide range of finishes and colours available.

kitchen design trends

Quartz countertops

In 2016, there was a growing trend for quartz kitchen surfaces. Previously an expensive component of ultra-luxury kitchens, the development of quartz composite surfaces has meant that most of us can achieve a similar result for a lot less money.


Having a clutter-free kitchen has also become a popular aim. It not only looks great, it also gives you more surface area to work on when you’re cooking, and is a lot easier to clean. Obviously, with the increasing number of essential cooking implements and gadgets we’re buying, you will need a lot more cupboard space to store everything in.

Smart technology

Kitchen design is subtly changing to make way for technologies such as Bluetooth speakers, phone charging sockets and smart TVs. At the end of 2016, published its annual Trends Report which highlighted the rise of smart technology in the home. Top of the kitchen list was the iKettle and smart coffee machine, both of which can be activated from your phone, so that, say, by the time you get from the bedroom to the kitchen in the morning, your kettle will have boiled or the coffee will be ready (assuming you remembered to set it up before you went to bed the previous evening). As smart kitchen technology develops, so will smart kitchen design.
If you want to be on-trend this year, you can find inspiration for your stylish modern unit at our local kitchen showroom. We’ve got a collection of contemporary kitchen colour schemes that will help you make a more informed decision.