Designing a new kitchen

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You’ve decided it’s time for a new kitchen and have enough money in the budget for a complete overhaul. Good times! All you’ve got to do now is make a lot of choices about how you’re going to design your new kitchen. Although this could be a really exciting project, you don’t want to be… Read more »

Family friendly kitchens

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family friendly kitchen

If you have a young family, the kitchen is bound to become the heart of your home. You’ll not only be using it to prepare delicious meals for them (or microwaving something from the supermarket!), but also teaching your children how to cook for themselves. So if you are renovating, it’s a good time to… Read more »

Why a dishwasher will enhance your fitted kitchen

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Dishwasher & kitchen

Few people can honestly say they enjoy doing the washing up, especially after you’ve had family and friends round for dinner. Despite washing up by hand being a time-consuming task, many people still see a dishwasher as a luxury item. That said, an increasing number of people are adding a dishwasher to their kitchen. In… Read more »

Floating Kitchens

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floating kitchen

What is a floating kitchen? When you first hear the term ‘Floating Kitchen’, you may visualise levitating cupboards or the galleys of ships! But in reality, the ‘floating’ aspect of it is an illusion – it’s a way of mounting the cabinets on the walls to give the impression that they’re floating. It is a… Read more »

Ceramic and porcelain kitchen tiles

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u shaped kitchen

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, you need to choose the right tiles that will complement the style and colour of your new units.   The colour and design is up to you, but it’s a good idea to think about the material the tiles themselves are made of. There are two kinds of… Read more »

The popularity of a modern day utility room

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With the popularity of open plan homes, kitchens are increasingly becoming a part of the main living space and can also serve as a utility room. Having the kitchen as an integral part of the living space means that whoever’s in charge of cooking doesn’t feel isolated whilst the rest of the household sits together… Read more »

The uniqueness of accessible kitchens

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accessible kitchens

If you have a disability or mobility problem, you need to adapt your kitchen in order to make it accessible and therefore a more pleasant environment to work in. This is especially the case for wheelchair users who find it difficult to get close enough to work surfaces to prepare and cook food. Units can… Read more »

A good music to cook to

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Music to cook to

If you’re in the kitchen for long periods of time preparing delicious meals or baking wonderful cakes and pastries, it’s unlikely that you will be working in silence. So the question is, what music do you listen to when you cook?   The chances are you’ve got a radio, tablet or TV in the kitchen… Read more »