Cool designer radiators to heat up your new kitchen

Long gone are the days of every house being fitted with the same, boring radiators which were purely functional. These days, radiators have improved in efficiency and materials, meaning they can be an integral part of a room’s design and a talking point. When visualising your dream kitchen, it’s worth taking a look at the amazing array of stylish radiators before starting work on its design. Here’s a short guide to what’s available in the designer radiators range.

Vertical radiators

Vertical radiators look great. And if you’re designing a fabulous kitchen, there are plenty of sleek, beautiful and even funky vertical radiators that’ll fit in perfectly with your design.

A classic design like the RT25 Vertical radiator will fit in beautifully with any style of modern kitchen. It comes in a vast range of sizes and colours which will enable it to fit in perfectly with both the new kitchen design and the space available.

If you’ve got a lot of space and want to make a really big impression, then The Big One will definitely be a great talking point. Its chunky tubes produce high heat output and you can go bold with polished aluminium finish or even bolder by painting it to match the rest of the kitchen.

If you fancy doing things differently, then create a sense of movement with a revolutionary Hot Spring design. It doesn’t look like a radiator and will put a spring in the step of a contemporary style like a Schüller Kitchen.

Heating in your new kitchenkitchen


Mirror radiators don’t look like radiators at all! They work extremely well in rooms where light needs to be channelled, like a kitchen – and if you position it to be opposite a window, you’ll not only get the illusion of more space, you can also see what’s going on outside! Some mirror radiators can be installed with a hidden valve system which hides all the valves and pipework to make it look even more like a real mirror.


If you thought mirror radiators were funky, wait till you see the glass ones! Glass is infused with colour at high temperatures to create a permanent shape that won’t degrade with heat or light. They come in a range of finishes, almost any colour you want (or combination of colours) and can even be made with a design or photo of your choice on them.


You want your new kitchen to be a work of art in its own right, so if you want to create a really good impression, hang a really hot piece of art on the wall! Many don’t look like radiators at all and come in different shapes, sizes and accessories with a dizzying range of colours and finishes.

Or you could really blow the budget on a Joris Laarman Heatwave radiator. The award-winning designer has built a worldwide reputation for fusing design with engineering, science and technology in order to ‘reinvent functionality’. Laarman’s designs, including the Heatwave, have been exhibited in galleries all over the world, including the famous Museum of Modern Art in New York. Owning a Heatwave would mean having a genuine piece of Art on your walls.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an alternative to the above-listed radiators with the simplicity that blends with most interiors and suitable at locations where plumbing could prove challenging. The electric radiators could be perfect in these circumstances and a variety of models exists to ensure you get the heating you desire. It is as simple as the presence of electricity assures the generation of heat at a given location.

Designer radiators will make fantastic additions to any contemporary and stylish house. Visit The Radiator Centre’s showrooms in St Albans, Brighton and, from the end of April, Islington to see how these fantastic designs could really enhance your new kitchen.

8 Apr 2016

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