Things you can do to feel at home in your new kitchen

The kitchen fitters from KDCUK have just left your house for the last time, meaning your new luxury kitchen is ready to use. It’s time for you to add your personality to make your newly renovated room truly your own. Whilst it normally takes time to get used to it, there are a number of things you can do to feel at home in your new kitchen. Here are some new kitchen tips that will create the desired home feel.

Cook something

What’s a kitchen for if not for cooking! And it’ll be a good way to get used to your new cooker too. If you’re not much of a cook, buy something like part-baked bread and put it in the oven – it’s the nation’s favourite smell which makes a house feel warm and welcoming. With bacon being another of the nation’s favourite smells, you could really make yourself feel at home by making bacon sandwiches!

If you love cooking, then by making something straight away, you’ll get a feel for where the best place is to put your gadgets, saucepans, knives and spoons etc. Not to mention getting a good feel for where the dishwasher is!


Paula 3- your new kitchen


Stock the larder

It’s not often that you’ll have totally bare kitchen cupboards, and this is a great time to restock the essentials. But rather than put packets in the cupboards, think about investing in some attractive storage jars which, if they have the right kind of seal, will also preserve your food for longer.

Fruit and flowers

A nice bowl of fruit or a vase of your favourite flowers on the side will look homely and welcoming.

Make a brew

A steaming pot of tea will make anyone feel at home, especially if you’re using your favourite cup to drink it from. If your new kitchen has got enough space for a kitchen table, encourage everyone to sit and have a natter.


If you’re looking for ideas for a new kitchen, contact us for advice on high-quality Schüller Designer Kitchens that will leave you very pleased

8 Jul 2016

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