How to be savvy with space

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There’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to kitchen space – there’s never enough of it. No matter how large or small your kitchen, there are always awkward corner cupboards or unreachable shelves that are difficult to manage and sometimes make it impossible to find whatever it is you’re looking for. That is why innovative kitchen manufacturers such as Schüller and Nobilia have created accessories that help you to be savvy with space and keep your kitchen neat and tidy. In this blog we’ll look at a few of these solutions in order to help you make the most of whatever space you have available.

Corner cupboard storage solutions

The part of your kitchen that’s most likely to become untidy and cluttered is the corner cupboard. Without the right storage solutions, it is likely that you’ll end up storing things on top of each other, and there’ll be so many things pushed to the back of the cupboard, you’ll forget you even had them. With pull-out shelves, you can get exactly what you need from the back of the cupboard without having to rummage through everything else to get to it, your cooking experience will be a much happier one.

Cupboard storage

In a similar way, it’s easy for things to be left at the back of the shelf in the cupboard, meaning that when it comes to a deep clean, you have to throw things away that have passed their sell-by date. By fitting your cupboards with pull-out shelves and drawers, it’ll be so much easier to get to the items at the back.

Alternatively opt for pull-out storage units that allow you to wheel the cupboard out so you can see everything that’s stored in it all at once, find the item you want, and then roll the cupboard neatly back into place.

Drawer storage

Schüller and Nobilia have a number of drawer inserts that also help you find what you need at the same time as keeping it securely stored. Forget having a spice rack cluttering up the worktop – you can have a drawer insert in which to keep your jars of herbs and spices. This also makes it easier to find the jar you’re looking for.

If you have a small kitchen but love cooking, it can be inconvenient having to set up the kitchen scales every time you need to weigh ingredients. It’s so much easier to have scales integrated into a drawer that you can open when you need them and close to keep them out of the way when you don’t.

Whether you’re using deep or shallow drawers, you can partition them in virtually any way you like, which means you’ll always be able to keep everything neat and tidy.

If you would like to see what’s possible, book a tour of Cheshunt showroom to see the best that Schüller and Nobilia have to offer.

4 Feb 2022

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