Kitchen Lighting Guide– Making the Most of Your Kitchen

Investing in good kitchen lighting can make all the difference and is a feature that can be often overlooked by customers in the initial planning stages of a new kitchen design. This kitchen lighting guide will ensure you make the most of your kitchen. Essential for food preparation and cooking, kitchen lighting can also create a certain ambience, generate a feeling of space and set the mood with just a flick or twist of a switch. For many the kitchen is the heart of the home: it’s where food is prepared, cooked and eaten, worktops are used for homework and kitchen islands for casual social occasions with friends. Having the right lighting for day and night is super important to ensure that your kitchen serves its purpose for whatever and whenever you need it. When planning your kitchen, kitchen lighting should be part of your initial considerations. Any electrics and fittings usually need to be installed at the beginning of the build process and normally your one opportunity to get it right – you don’t want to find further down the line you forgot to include unit lights and have to drill into your new kitchen units once it’s finished. You can view these top tips as kitchen lighting guides for your new project.   kitchen lighting guide   Top Tips for Kitchen Lighting

  • Under cupboard lighting is a great way to light work surfaces for when you’re busy in the kitchen preparing food for dinner.


  • Have a breakfast bar or central kitchen island? Hanging pendant lights above is a great way to draw attention to the space and create a key feature. It’s also ideal for kitchens with high ceilings as it can lower the sense of scale. Just ensure you leave enough head room between the lights and your worktop.


  • Spotlights fitted into your ceiling can help create a modern, spacious look – but consider adding them to units too to increase the light for when you’re preparing and cooking food.


  • Adding lights on top of kitchen units is also a clever way to create additional light without cluttering wall space with additional lighting.


  • Adding lights near to a hob? Try if you can to ensure they fit flush to the wall, and covered with glass if possible – it will make them much easier to keep clean.

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22 Feb 2016

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