Will a new kitchen add value to my home?

renovating kitchen

The property market has, for the most part, slowed down in recent years. As a result, in 2017/18 the UK witnessed a significant increase in demand for home improvements, with 65% of homeowners deciding to keep their home and renovate.

While many are renovating in order to provide themselves with a beautiful home to live in, many are also doing it with an eye to selling the property when the market picks up. Anyone who’s renovating with this intention needs to prioritise their investment, and the market advice is to concentrate on one room, in particular, the kitchen.

According to the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), if your finances can only accommodate renovating one room, that room should be the kitchen. It’s estimated that a new, good quality kitchen will improve the value of your property by around 6%, so this is not a room you want to cut corners on. The kitchen has always been the heart of a home and often where the majority of time is spent, so it follows that it’s the room most home buyers focus on.

As well as adding value to your home, a good quality kitchen will also make the property more attractive and sellable when compared by potential buyers to other properties with lesser kitchens.

Best way to renovate your kitchen

Here are our tips when renovating your kitchen with an eye to selling the property:

  1. Avoid garish/lurid coloured units that may be fashionable now but will quickly date
  2. Avoid overly fussy or ornate designs (more common with classic kitchen styles) these date more quickly and require more cleaning time
  3. Do choose a kitchen model with a price tag that reflects your home value
  4. Don’t fit the kitchen yourself just to save money, cutting corners on fitting is a common mistake and is often evident in the finished look
  5. Keep it uncomplicated, elegant, tidy

8 Oct 2019

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