Ideas for an Open-Plan Kitchen with Bi-fold Doors 

Open-Plan Kitchen with Bi-fold Doors 

Having a house with separate cooking, dining and living spaces is fast becoming a thing of the past, as more and more of us opt for the spacious elegance of an open plan kitchen with bi-fold doors. The ideal open plan kitchen is light and airy, with plenty of surfaces, storage and character.

Break into an Open-Plan Kitchen Diner with Bi-fold Doors

One of the easiest ways to open up your kitchen space is to simply knock through a stud wall or non-bearing wall. This will create an open design where you can create an open plan kitchen with bi-fold doors without the additional cost of structural changes. This cheap kitchen extension idea will also make way for full-height storage like towers and larders, which can often overpower a small room, increasing the storing potential of a design.

The best bi-fold door ideas are stunning and will also bring much-needed functionality to your home. It’s one of the most popular types of doors around nowadays 

Coming in a wide range of versatile customisable and bespoke designs, bi-folding doors work brilliantly externally to create a link between the inside and outside, and make sound internal partition doors for open plan kitchen spaces and other areas of the home that you’d like to feel more accessible.

Bi-fold doors in particular have taken centre stage this year, with many homeowners opting for the design as they open up living spaces and create indoor/outdoor living areas. Bi-folds often take up less space than other more traditional door types and because of this are a popular addition to any modern home.

Maximise Your Open Plan Kitchen With Bi-fold Doors: Let The Light In

Have a dark kitchen that faces a small walled backyard or patio space? Introducing bi-folding patio doors will help maximise space – and natural light – enhancing the patio and garden.

Use Bi-Fold Sliding Doors in Kitchens With Awkward Spaces

Unusually shaped rooms will benefit from bi-fold doors or sliding doors. Go bespoke to get the best results. Both sliding and bi-fold doors are fantastic options if you’re looking to enhance your home’s design. Not only do bi-fold doors dramatically increase the amount of natural light flooding into space, but they’re also extremely energy-efficient, without compromising on security.

What Do You Want From Your Kitchen?

The first, and most important, thing to consider before you even begin to plan your open plan kitchen with bi-fold doors is how you use your existing kitchen. Do you host a lot of dinner parties with your friends, but get tired of spending half the evening alone as you prepare the meal?

In which case you should design the food preparation to be at the heart of your living space, with plenty of surface space, and a table or island around which your guests can enjoy a drink and a chat, keeping you company while you cook. Bring the dining room into your kitchen living space by introducing folding doors to open up your interior space.

There are other practical aspects to take into account as well. If you have small children, you may want to have your dining table located closer to the kitchen area, so you don’t have to carry hot food over a long distance. If your family is large you might want your kitchen to overlook your living area, so you can keep an eye on what your kids are watching and help them with their homework while making the tea.

However, if you have pets, you may be wary about having your kitchen connected to your outdoor space with patio doors or folding doors as you may want to avoid mud and dirt being constantly bought into your home by them!

Every household will require different things from their open plan kitchen, so be sure you know exactly what you want, and how best to achieve it.

Look for More Space: How Much Does it Cost To Make a Kitchen Open Plan?

Bi-fold doors maximise natural light and give you easy access to outside space. Lightweight, strong and attractive doors are available starting from around £1,700 and can often be installed in a single day.

French doors are cheaper, but are a less impactful alternative. Bi-fold doors can add drama and buckets of light to any open plan kitchen, especially when they connect your kitchen to your outdoor space.

Why is the Quality of Bi-fold Doors so Important?

Bi-fold doors are designed to replace a large section of wall in your home. If the bi-fold doors are poor quality, they could:

  • Let in draughts and rainwater because they aren’t sufficiently watertight or airtight
  • Make your home less energy efficient (and increase your heating bills)
  • Wear out more quickly and break down or suffer damage as a result
  • Put the security of your home at risk
  • Negatively affect your home’s full look and aesthetics

What’s the difference between high quality and low quality bi-fold doors?

  • High-quality bi-fold doors will exceed basic manufacturing standards. Low-quality doors will, at best, only meet them.
  • With high-quality bi-fold doors every component (including handles and hinges) combines to make a set of doors that performs far better, for much longer.
  • Low-quality or medium-quality bi-fold doors tend to be more difficult to operate due to their poorer‑quality components and substandard specification.
  • High-quality bi-fold doors usually come with a longer manufacturer’s guarantee.

7 Jun 2022

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