Planning a Kitchen Extension?

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If you’re planning a kitchen extension, you are serious about wanting to improve the look and functionality of your home. According to research done by the website, the average cost of a kitchen extension in 2020 is £30,000; this price includes building materials and labour costs as well as the kitchen units and installation.

Clearly, this figure is dependent on many factors, including the size of the extension, local labour costs and the brand of kitchen you choose, but whatever the details, a kitchen extension is a significant investment in your home. In which case, you need to ensure that the design is functional and ergonomically suited to the way you will use your new space and that it will last for many years.

On top of all other elements, remember that you’ll be using your new kitchen every single day you’re living in your home. As this could be for many years, you’ll want to know you’ll love it every day for all those years to come, so it’s definitely worth looking for quality units that’ll look perfect and stay perfect. If you’d like some inspiration, have a look at our gallery of installations to see how our customers have used the spaces they have.

What To Consider When Planning a Kitchen Extension:

From new rooms to add-ons

Depending on the layout of your property, there are a few options of ways in which you can increase your kitchen space without necessarily creating a whole new room. Here are some options you could consider (some of which might be subject to planning permission):

Rear extension – You can extend from the rear of your property and out into the garden. These are usually either single storey with a flat roof (giving the option of a second-storey extension at a later date) or a pitched roof which will look more attractive.

Side extension – If your property has space along one side, it’s possible to extend your kitchen into that space in order to widen the room. You can also use skylights in the roof of the extension to help flood the enlarged room with natural daylight. A few feet could make all the difference between a room that feels cramped and a kitchen that’s a joy to work in.

Wrap-around extension – If you’ve got enough space to have both a side extension and a rear extension, you can wrap them around your kitchen and create the kind of room you’d expect to see in a glossy magazine.

Conservatory extension – Create a kind of inside-out space by opening your kitchen up into a conservatory. You’ll get great views of the garden as you cook and more than enough natural light. It’ll feel like you’re outside all year, whatever the weather. And a conservatory will be a cheaper option than a brick extension.

We supply and install three ranges of high-quality, precision-engineered German kitchen units that are comparable in price to models stocked by UK superstores. And you’ll be supporting your local business and tradespeople too. The Nobilia, Schüller C Range and the premium Schüller Next 125 kitchens are modern, well made and absolutely stunning. Why not book an appointment to see for yourself at our COVID-secure showroom.

1 Oct 2020

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