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You don’t just want your kitchen to be beautiful - you need it to be practical too! Schüller designers have created a wide range of clever features that will keep your drawers and cupboards tidy, as well as help you make the most efficient use of any areas that are normally difficult to get to.

Drawer tidies

You’d expect us to be able to supply a cutlery insert, but Schüller has developed even more ways to keep your drawers tidy. For instance, there’s an insert for you to keep your spice jars in, which is designed to ensure everything is clearly visible and to hand. If you want to stack your saucepans in deeper drawers, there are special holders that’ll keep the lids tidy and out of the way. You can also get plate holders to keep your crockery in neat piles and stop it sliding around when you open the drawer.

If you do a lot of cooking and food preparation, you might be interested in having a drawer with integrated scales. This useful feature means your scales will always be handy, not to mention in the right place - you can simply pull them out when you’re using them and tuck them away when you’re not.

Another handy integrated drawer device is a multi-purpose slicer - a hugely practical gadget that will be permanently handy so you can ensure every slice is perfect.
Other clever drawer inserts include compartments for your waste and recycling, pantry boxes to help keep your vegetables fresh, and bread crocks/bins to keep your baked goods fresh.


When it comes to those difficult to reach places, Schüller’s solutions include carousels, le-mans mechanisms, automated pull-down shelving and pan drawers. Make good use of corner units with a shelf that sits at the back but lifts vertically to be ‘on top’ of the unit. With an integrated electric point, it’s a great way to keep gadgets out of the way but also easily accessible when you need them.

If you’re not tall enough to reach the top shelf without standing on a stool, you could benefit from pull-down shelves to bring the contents of your cupboard closer to you. Ingenious!

To discover even more features that will make your life easier and your kitchen tidier, visit our Cheshunt showroom.

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18 Feb 2019

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