Things to avoid when buying a new kitchen

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Buying a new kitchen is exciting. You’re probably fed up with your old kitchen and are looking forward to cooking in a space that not only looks beautiful but is a joy to be in too.

However, don’t just rush out and buy the first thing that catches your eye. To create a magnificent new kitchen, there are a lot of elements you need to consider in order to do the job properly. Your new kitchen is an investment that needs to last for years, so taking the trouble to get things right the first time will save you having to make costly and time-consuming changes later on.

So here are our tips on what to avoid when you’re investing in a new kitchen.

Avoid the rubbish

Waste disposal has become a complex task, so don’t forget to include space to house your recycling bins, otherwise, you won’t be able to avoid tripping over them! It’s definitely not the most exciting part of choosing a new kitchen, but it’s possibly one of the most important! Luckily, there are solutions that mean you don’t need to have the bins on view all the time – modern kitchen manufacturers like Schüller and Nobilia have accessories enabling you to integrate the recycling bins and keep them out of sight so they don’t become a nuisance.

Avoid underestimating the amount of power you’ll need

The temptation is to use the existing power sockets, but it’s likely that a modern kitchen uses more appliances than even a decade ago, so don’t avoid thinking about how much power you’ll need and where you’ll need it. In addition to your white goods, the appliances you’re likely to use every day are the kettle, toaster and microwave, so make sure there are conveniently-placed power sockets to plug them into. You may also need somewhere to charge your device – especially if you follow recipes online – but it’ll need to be away from the messy working area. And don’t forget your favourite electrical gadgets – you’ll need somewhere convenient to plug them in wherever you’re planning to use them.

Avoid ignoring the need for ventilation

Steam and odours are inevitable when it comes to cooking, so making sure there’s adequate ventilation in the room will help keep condensation down and prevent smells from lingering. If there aren’t enough windows, then extractor fans are a must. Traditionally this has always been a large ceiling hood above the hob. However, you can now get extractors attached to your hob, such as the innovative BORA hob. This means that if you want to move where the hob is located, you won’t also need to move the hood.

Avoid the darkness

Lighting doesn’t just enable you to see what you’re doing, it also creates an atmosphere. So if you’ve got a kitchen that’s large enough to sit and socialise in, or you’ve opted for open plan living, you’re not always going to want to use the bright, overhead lights you need for cooking. Create mood lighting with dimmer switches, spotlights, cabinet lights, or lighting strips at the base of your units.

Avoid neglecting your kitchen triangle

When you’re cooking, the most frequently used appliances are the fridge, the cooker and the sink. When it comes to the most ergonomic way of working, these should form the points of a ‘triangle’, which is the optimum placement to make it easy to reach all three. If, for example, the fridge is on the other side of the room, cooking or baking becomes a more inefficient and time-consuming process.

Avoid staying away from expert advice

If you want to get the best out of your kitchen, ask the experts who specialise in kitchen design. It’s a false economy not to because they’ll be able to contribute ideas that you may not have thought about, recommend products you may never have heard of and will understand how to make the most of your budget.

Avoid the assumption that the independents are more expensive

If you’re on a tight budget, your first instinct will probably be to only look at what the big DIY chain stores have. But that’s not necessarily the case. Our Nobilia range, for example, compares favourably in price to the cheaper brands, but offers better build and component quality, for example, German-made Hettich mechanisms and Kessebohmer wireworks cone as standard, meaning it’ll last for years and look great for longer. Independent kitchen companies also live and die by their reputation, making customer service excellence a vital part of their offering. They are less likely to over promise and under deliver, and with the owner working closely with their team, are more likely to deal with problems quickly and effectively.

If you want to avoid problems in designing and installing your new kitchen, we are happy to help. Our showroom in Cheshunt is open and our designers are happy to talk to you about your budget and your needs; however, visits are by appointment only. Click here to book an appointment or contact us to find out more about our kitchens.

15 Dec 2020

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