What will be inside your kitchen cabinets in the future?

There is a revolution happening inside your kitchen cabinets, and it’s in the form of technology. Amazon Dash is a button that you put on the door of the cabinet you keep a particular item in. Say you use a certain brand of dishwasher tablets – you can buy a Dash button for that brand, link it to your Amazon account and attach the button to the cupboard door. Whenever you’re running low on tablets, merely press the button and it will automatically add dishwasher tablets to your next order.

You can also install a fridge camera that links to an app on your phone so you will always know if you have enough milk. More sophisticated versions will track everything in the fridge, let you know when sell-by dates are looming, remind you when you’re running low on anything, and even tell you if the fridge is at the right temperature. And, of course, it will link to an online account to automatically order replacement items so you don’t even have to think about your shopping list, let alone make one!

The smart kitchen of the future

In October, industry leaders, start-ups and inventors came together at the third Smart Kitchen Summit. The conference took a closer look at the kind of technology we may be storing in our kitchen cupboards in years to come. Delegates saw gadgets and prototypes of the kind of technology that will be helpful to us, such as devices that will keep an eye on our diets, ovens that will assess optimum cooking times and text family members when dinner’s ready, smart pans that will tell you to turn the heat up or down depending on what you’re cooking, and even robotic pancake makers.

However, many people at the Summit were worried that new technology will take all the joy out of cooking. Creativity is a basic human need and many fear technology will take away our ability to even think, let alone create. In terms of cooking, technology could turn cooks into people who are just there to add ingredients. Gone will be the ‘bung it in and see’ creativity that has resulted in much-loved family recipes, or the creative expertise that we enjoy from famous chefs. In fact, it was predicted at the Summit above that the celebrity chef will be a thing of past – although this prediction was made by an American celebrity chef who is developing an app that will create recipes for you based on both your individual tastes and what you have in the cupboard (move over Ainsley Harriott)

According to one speaker at the Summit, Americans spend 60% of their waking hours at home in the kitchen. If we all become mere slaves to cooking technology, it’s likely that the kitchen will have a less prominent place in the family home. Let’s hope that the future of what’s happening inside our kitchen cabinets won’t stifle the joy of actually using our kitchens.

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30 Oct 2017

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