When it comes to designing a new kitchen, you’ll need to plan your kitchen around the size and shape of the room available. Not many of us will have the luxury of a dedicated kitchen large enough for an island or a table the whole family can sit around. However, there are classic kitchen layouts that will make the most efficient use of the space available:

Galley kitchen

The galley kitchen is named after the narrow galleys on ships, with entrances at each end of the room and two rows of units facing each other. They may be small, but at least that means everything’s in easy reach!

U-shaped kitchen

This is where the units are placed around a (squared off) U shape, whether it’s to fit into a room with three walls or as part of a larger open-plan living space.

L-shaped kitchen

Where units fit around two walls, leaving an open space in the rest of the room.

One-wall kitchen

Perfect for saving space, the one-wall kitchen is usually used in small flats or studio apartments. As you’d expect, all the kitchen units and work areas are spread across just one wall.

Island kitchen

In large kitchens, an island increases the working area and storage spaces available.

What is the ‘Golden Triangle’?

Another key element of designing your kitchen is to create a golden triangle – the ideal working area designed ergonomically around the space between the cooker, sink and fridge. It was developed by architects in the 1940s as a way of increasing efficiency when it came to the three most fundamental tasks we undertake – storage, preparation, and cooking. The idea is to ensure the three corners of the triangle are close enough together to enable you to work at maximum efficiency without having to waste time and energy walking from one piece of equipment to another.

Kitchen usage

One of the things that will affect your kitchen design is how you’re planning to use the kitchen. If you live on your own and don’t like cooking, your needs will be very different from someone who loves cooking for the family or experimenting with recipes to host dinner parties. The finished design will need to take everything into account.

Our designers will sit down with you and ask questions about what you need in order to design a kitchen that’s both beautiful, practical and fit for purpose.

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