Schuller C Range

Agate Grey Silk Gloss Kitchen

Schuller C Range

Agate Grey Silk Gloss Kitchen

This beautiful, classic contemporary kitchen is ideal for those wanting to inject some colour into their kitchen but does not want anything too bold. It is neutral enough to still have the space maximising the effect of white but with a warmer feel.

The rounded kitchen doors also add to the calming, relaxed ambience. The frame is formed from five parts and is melamine resin-coated. The front and edges of the doors are finished in a silk gloss lacquer whilst the back is melamine resin-coated with a silk gloss lacquer. Other colours available include white, magnolia, and grey, sage green and blue-grey.

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Kitchen Specifications

Range: Schuller C Range

Finish: Gloss

Material: Multi-layer

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Available in 4 Colours

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