Food waste is a huge concern for hotels across the world, not just in the UK. Specialist environmental groups such as the Green Hotelier and WRAP are coming together to produce guides for hotels on dealing with their waste. It’s thought that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food waste is wasted every year, which combined,… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 28 Nov 2016

How you design your kitchen depends a lot on how much space you have in the room and how you want to use it. One-wall This is also known as the ‘Pullman kitchen’ after the design of the American Pullman train sleeping carriages in the 1920s and ‘30s. The one-wall design is self-explanatory, with the… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 25 Oct 2016

Planning your new kitchen can be as daunting as it is exciting. There are so many design ideas and beautiful photographs of amazing kitchens available to look at online that choosing even the basic look might take a while. So to make your decision a little bit easier, we’ve put together a brief guide to… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 23 Oct 2016

Wanting a new, modern kitchen and needing a new, modern kitchen are entirely different matters. But in the life of every kitchen, there comes a time when it’s no longer a sensible move to repair or put up with something a little while longer. We think it’s time to start looking at new designs when:… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 21 Oct 2016

Who doesn’t love eating home-made cakes and bread? Supermarket bought baked goods are all very well, but when you take out something you’ve created out of the oven and fill the house with the irresistible smells of fresh cooking, you know you’re in for a real treat in your newly designed kitchen. With the return… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 8 Sep 2016

The kitchen fitters from KDCUK have just left your house for the last time, meaning your new luxury kitchen is ready to use. It’s time for you to add your personality to make your newly renovated room truly your own. Whilst it normally takes time to get used to it, there are a number of… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 8 Jul 2016

A new kitchen’s great. There’s absolutely no wear and tear, the chrome fittings are gleaming, the sinks are free of limescale and the cupboards and drawers are nice and tidy. The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and most of the activity that happens in it will produce a certain amount of mess!… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 20 Apr 2016

Long gone are the days of every house being fitted with the same, boring radiators which were purely functional. These days, radiators have improved in efficiency and materials, meaning they can be an integral part of a room’s design and a talking point. When visualising your dream kitchen, it’s worth taking a look at the… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 8 Apr 2016