We understand that kitchens aren’t cheap and most people will have to be careful with the costs, but if you’ve got a budget that you really need to stick to, there are ways of making it go further without compromising your dream. Firstly, when designing your dream kitchen, think carefully about what’s most important to… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 10 Mar 2016

Investing in good kitchen lighting can make all the difference and is a feature that can be often overlooked by customers in the initial planning stages of a new kitchen design. This kitchen lighting guide will ensure you make the most of your kitchen. Essential for food preparation and cooking, kitchen lighting can also create a… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 22 Feb 2016

kitchen design mistakes to avoid

Your kitchen is the hub of your house and used for cooking, cleaning, eating and socialising with the family. For some, it is a good place to let off steam after a demanding day at work or an earlier train delay. So naturally, the way you plan the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen design… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 4 Feb 2016

  Working on a dream London kitchen design idea is not an easy one for most individuals or families. For many, researching design ideas from magazines, Pinterest and showrooms are great first steps to providing inspiration for your dream kitchen design for your London home. When it comes to choosing a London kitchen supplier it’s… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 27 Jan 2016

So, you’ve been planning to re-design your kitchen at your London home and have been a bit overwhelmed by the process and are wondering how to start… Your taste could vary from contemporary to farmhouse, designer to retro. One thing’s for sure, your kitchen space is small and you are a bit worried that the… Read more »

  Planning a new kitchen is an exciting, yet often daunting, process. For many people the kitchen is the hub of the home and it is therefore essential that the planning process makes the most of the available space both aesthetically and practically. Here we have compiled a list of questions to discuss with your… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 23 Nov 2015

A new and good kitchen design is a significant investment and should bring many, many years of pleasure. You therefore, don’t want the excitement of a brand new kitchen marred by nagging doubts that it’s not exactly what you wanted and wishing you had done things differently. It is vital therefore that before any work… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 11 Nov 2015

  The internet is a wonderful thing; it can inspire, be a reference tool and aid research but when it comes to choosing a new kitchen nothing beats visiting a showroom in person. Buying a new kitchen is a significant investment and there are so many choices and decisions to be taken that it can… Read more »

Posted by KDCUK, on 28 Oct 2015