Light It Up with Kitchen Wall Lights

Light It Up with Kitchen Wall Lights

No matter what style of kitchen you have, or plan to have, the placement of lighting is essential. Effective lighting has the power to transform the room into a warm, inviting space where family and friends are happy to spend time. Not only does lighting enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics, but it also plays an important practical role, maximising visibility so you can go about your everyday activities efficiently and safely.

Whether you’re improving your existing kitchen or designing a new luxury kitchen from scratch, factoring lighting into your plans is essential. Today’s kitchens are truly multi-functional spaces, so think about how each area or ‘zone’ will be used and how that will impact your lighting requirements. In your cooking and prep areas, visibility and practicality might take priority. And in your dining and living areas, you’ll want to use lighting to set the mood for relaxing and socialising. 

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When the Lighting is on the Wall

Most kitchens have a central light or spotlights that provide general illumination across the whole space. But with lighting having such transformative power, why not complete the luxury look of your kitchen with statement wall lights? Here at KDCUK, we work with clients across the UK to create kitchens that deliver on style and functionality. And our advice when it comes to lighting is to think outside the box – to look beyond your ceiling and into other areas of your room, such as kitchen wall lights. 

There are many options when it comes to wall-mounted kitchen light fixtures:

  • Spotlights or strip lights under wall units will add ambience when you’re socialising and illuminate your countertops for food prep. Our Alvaro Slate kitchen from the Schüller C Range shows how effective this can be, even when paired with the darkest of materials. 
  • Lights tucked into kickboards (the recessed plinth at the base of your lower cabinets) will showcase a feature floor or illuminate an island – take a look at our Schüller Next 125 Crystal Grey Matt design for kitchen plinth lighting ideas. 
  • Accent lighting inside glass wall cabinets can be used to illuminate your favourite glasses, tableware or ‘objets d’art’ (whether that’s a priceless family heirloom or your child’s latest pottery creation!). Our Nobilia Graphite Black kitchen shows how impactful this can be.

Shine a Light

Well-positioned wall lights do more than just enhance your kitchen’s look – they can also bring a number of advantages in terms of safety and hygiene. Under-cupboard lights shine light directly on your countertops, minimising shadows and maximising visibility. You’ll have enough light to check whether food is thoroughly cooked, and when you’re cleaning up, you’ll be able to see all the spills and debris that need wiping away. You’ll also be able to see what you’re doing without straining your eyes – there’s no point having the latest kitchen gadgets or cookery books if you can’t see the dials or the ‘b’ in ‘tbsp’!

Having separate lighting options in your kitchen is also a good way to conserve electricity. If you can boil the kettle for your late-night hot chocolate using the ambient lighting of just one wall lamp rather than putting all the overhead lights on, you’re likely to save money on your energy bills. So if you’re looking for ways of saving money – and quite frankly, we all are, it’s worth finding out the wattage of each light so you don’t waste energy. 

Our German-designed kitchen ranges offer an incredible selection of high-quality lighting options, including multiple types of kitchen wall lights. Take a look at our customer gallery for more inspiration or book a tour of our showroom where our experts will be happy to light your way to that perfectly illuminated space.

13 Oct 2022

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