About Next 125

The Next125 kitchen range combines perfect form with innovative design and authentic materials which are sustainably sourced. The main focus is a fusion of functionality and design. The perfect interior organisation sets the tone for technical cabinet systems. The Next125 kitchen range has a clear commitment to quality and this range provides a stunning centrepiece to any home.

Design Features

  • Quartz grey and Lava black interior cabinets
  • Handles or handle-less option
  • High-quality Primus pull-out system with added NX motion for superior smooth open & closing of drawers
  • 750 high base units + 125 plinths for extra storage
  • Flush-fit design
  • Continuous fronts, continuous alignment, retractable doors
  • MTO and N-Drive opening support
  • Anti-slip mats as standard in all drawers
  • Floor-to-ceiling planning
  • Plinths in a range of finishes and with moisture seals
  • Next cube – wall design
  • 350 deep wall units for 12-inch plates
  • Steel shoe protections on all panels to the floor
  • Choice of 10 grip rail colours
  • 125mm grid system for perfect alignment

If you would like to find out more about the Next125 kitchen Range, then feel free to come to our kitchen showroom in Hertfordshire / North London. Looking for something different? Take a look at our Nobilia Kitchens range. Alternatively, take a look at our Schuller Kitchens if you are looking for a kitchen ranging at a lower cost. Please fill out our contact form below for more information.

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