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As a country, Germany is very conscious of its environment and has many environmentally friendly policies, ranging from its hugely influential Renewable Energy Act (EEG) a law that gives renewables priority to The Energy Conservation Ordinance implemented to ensure buildings of all ages will eventually meet modern energy efficiency standards. Our two kitchen manufacturers, Schuller kitchens and Nobilia kitchens both demonstrate a clear sense of responsibility for our environment. Below we have detailed what that entails.

Nobilia Kitchens

Nobilia Kitchens became the very first kitchen manufacturer in 2009 to be certified in accordance with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). In accordance with this scheme, all timber products processed come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources ensuring that its products are not coming from questionable sources, but rather from managed semi-natural forests.

Blue angel eco-label

The blue angel eco-label seal is awarded by the German Federal Environmental Agency, its primary concerns are threefold, the environment, health protection and consumer protection. The eco-label is awarded to goods and services which are environmentally friendly, reach high standards for health and safety as well as usability. Nobilia became the first kitchen manufacturer to be awarded the blue angel eco-label seal in 2012.

RKT recycling certificate

Nobilia are active members of the RKT (Recycling Kontor Transportverpackungen) return and recycling system. This system ensures that Nobilia’s packaging is gathered, collected, and recycled in accordance with the packaging laws.

GOGREEN certificate

The German postal service together with DHL ensures the entire mail and package dispatch are processed through the CO2 neutral GOGREEN initiative. In this way, Nobilia offsets the CO2 emissions created during transport. The offset is certified through an independent certification company (Societé Général de Surveillance, SGS) according to ISO 14064.

Furniture industry climate agreement

Nobilia takes seriously the responsibility they have to future generations and the environment. The ”Climate Agreement for the Furniture Industry” was initiated by the DGM (German quality control association) in 2016 and Nobilia is an established member. Its primary focus is for the CO2 footprint to gradually be reduced and ideally neutralised.

Emission Class DGM

Nobilia’s kitchen furniture has meet all the DMG criteria and was awarded the highest emissions class of A by the Deutschen Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. (German quality control association).

Schuller Kitchens

Generating heat for the entire company

A significant amount of waste wood is created in the production of Schuller Kitchens – Schuller has utilised this to turn it into energy rather than leave it as waste. This way, by burning their waste wood in a thermally cleaned manner, they are able to generate the heating energy for the entire company.


Schuller will only use wood from sustainable sources, this is their statement on being PEFC certified: “Reconciling an entire company with the demands of nature, design, production and logistics – that is how we understand responsibility. Our company‘s certification and award of the PEFC logo is symbolic of our commitment to the environment and the economic use of wood as an indispensable raw material. The integrative concept of the PEFC initiative not only strives to preserve the natural forests and their ecological balance but also guarantees a controlled working chain that is monitored independently, totally reproducible and guaranteed to be sustainable.”

Environmentally friendly transportation

Schuller trucks cover thousands upon thousands of miles across Europe every year. With this in mind, Schüller has for years been investing in an increasingly eco-friendly and fuel-saving fleet of trucks. This has enabled them to reach the Euro 6 standard and highlight their contribution to cleaner air.


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