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The award-winning BORA is the market leader in modern hob design. It is the best-known brand for all in one hobs with built-in extractor. German-manufactured, it blends functionality with high-quality materials of pure stainless steel to create an innovative, stylish cooking and extraction system for your kitchen.

The success of the BORA hob is due in part to its streamlined, minimalist design and cutting-edge technology. At its core, it is an innovative idea offering a practical, well-thought-out solution that negates the need for overhead extraction.

Advantages of BORA’s hob extractor

BORA extracts odours, steam and grease at hob level directly from the pots and pans, which prevents vapours from rising and spreading odours. Without the need to position a large hood above the hob, you’ll not only be able to make the most of the space you have available, but you can also have greater flexibility in how you design your dream kitchen.

Using a BORA hob with integrated extractor gives you the flexibility to position the hob wherever you want it. It doesn’t matter if you want to position it by the window or in the middle of the room on a kitchen island, steam and odour will never be a problem. And without the need to have a large obtrusive hood overhead, you’ll create more space in your kitchen.

The BORA hob extractor has the additional advantage of being significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods, as well as being more efficient - it boasts a 100% clean rate at head height. If you are creating a kitchen that’s integrated in your living area, the BORA hob is essential!

Easy cleaning

BORA makes day to day cleaning much easier. Cleaning conventional extractors is a long and laborious task, but that’s not the case with a BORA extractor. It has been designed to make it easy to remove parts that can be put into the dishwasher - you won’t need any tools to help you get the job done.

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modular kitchens

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