Nobilia Kitchens

Founded in 1945, Nobilia is the biggest and best-known European manufacturer of contemporary German kitchens, with a focus on affordable, good-quality Nobilia kitchens that offer well-built, stylish kitchens at a cost that’s comparable to lower-spec superstore equivalents. Nobilia builds intelligently engineered modern German kitchens with excellent design flexibility. Price-wise, it’s an entry-level German kitchen choice.

Are Nobilia German Kitchens Worth It?

Nobilia German kitchens offer an intelligent modular kitchen system with four heights for base units and 5 heights for wall and tall units. Giving you a wide variety of choices when designing your German kitchen unit. Get a complete kitchen service, including style advice in picking your kitchen colours for a natural kitchen look free of clutter.

Moreover, Nobilia kitchens feature a designer-style, strong, durable carcass with 19mm top crossbars for added strength and shelf edges, with side panels coated and sealed all around, preventing dirt and moisture penetration. These German kitchen units from Nobilia are showroom-worthy yet still practical and durable.

These modern-style German kitchens have handleless free cabinetry and steel protection shoes for all panels to the floor. As well as modern metal shelf supports with a locking pin and a load-bearing capacity of 50 kg.

Nobilia Kitchens uses top-quality Hettich mechanisms made in Germany, including Kessebohmer wireworks and waterproof plinths. Your dream German kitchen will create a natural look and feel while also being a German kitchen that stands the test of time.

Finding Your Dream Nobilia Kitchen

All Nobilia German kitchens are equipped with Sensys hinges featuring the ‘silent system’ integrated cushioning system, ensuring smooth, even closing for any sized Nobilia handleless door. These designer-style handleless Nobilia kitchen doors are hardwearing and easy to clean. Helping keep your dream kitchen showroom worthy with little effort.

Furthermore, the Nobilia laminate worktops are coated with HPL high-pressure laminate and therefore have good resistance to scratching and abrasion. Keeping your new kitchen colours as fresh and vibrant as the day they came out of the box.

These handleless kitchens are made to order in Germany, with all units and interior equipment delivered fully assembled and well packaged. We offer a completely new kitchen service, including style advice in picking your kitchen colours for a natural kitchen look free of clutter.

Nobilia As Your Dream Kitchen

Nobilia Kitchens offers the public the complete package from a single source: superbly engineered but affordable German kitchens with intelligent accessories, attractive built-in sinks, Nobilia worktops, Nobilia splashbacks, and a wide range of Nobilia electrical appliances, from entry-level to the premium high-end category. Visit our Nobilia Kitchens German appliances page to view their collection of innovative and modern products currently on offer.

From receipt of goods to production and delivery, the Nobilia kitchen unit has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps to guarantee the high quality of their kitchen design products. In addition, as many as 21 complete fitted kitchens in Germany are put through the paces of a quality audit every day.

Why German Kitchen Design?

When you think of a German kitchen, you think of a modern and quality-driven design, and when it comes to Nobilia Kitchens, you aren’t wrong. Quality, environmental protection, and energy efficiency are essential elements of Nobilia’s company philosophy. The PEFC certification demonstrates Nobilia’s dedication to an environment worth living in as well as their responsibility in handling the valuable raw material, wood. You can always count on: “Our processed derived timber products all come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.”

Every Nobilia kitchen is absolutely unique. Every single kitchen is individually planned and made with the utmost precision. More than 70 years of experience and a high degree of automation guarantee the consistently high level of good quality you’d expect from a world-renowned German kitchen manufacturer. Nobilia Kitchens offers a modern kitchen collection designed around creating a new living space that is innovative and in touch with consumers’ needs. Nobilia German Kitchens give you excess storage space and are high-quality kitchens made with precision engineering. Their kitchen design is adaptable and offers excellent value for money.

With a starting price of just £7000 to include all the units, worktops, sink and tap plus design and full survey, Nobilia is easily the best-priced German kitchen available in the UK today. View the full range of German kitchens below and find your new kitchen online. Or if you prefer to view kitchens in person, pop round to our kitchen showroom in Chestnut and browse german kitchens worth your time and money.

Buy Quality Nobilia Kitchens At Trade Prices

The German Kitchen Store is here to provide exceptional quality true handleless and handled Nobilia kitchens at trade prices. In the Kitchen industry, German kitchens are famously known for being a cut above the rest. German manufacturing is one of the best in the world, so why look any further?

German kitchens are built to last. Their quality and durability mean you get excellent value for money. Not only are they great value, but the precision of Nobilia’s German kitchen design will help you to make the most efficient use of the space you have available.

Flexible & Functional Nobilia Kitchens At Trade Prices

Because there is such a wide range of cabinet sizes and fittings to choose from, you have the flexibility to create a true handleless or a handled kitchen that’s precisely suited to the size and shape of your room, allowing you to maximise every inch of space.

Nobilia kitchens are both functional and comfortable, with lots of innovative details and accessories. You will find fittings that maximise storage space and plenty of choices when it comes to height and dimensions. Award-winning German manufacturing quality with the latest trends available across our modern kitchen ranges, or choose a more traditional style design. Discover German engineering for your home…

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