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What is a modular kitchen?

Modular Shaped Kitchen Design. Straight Kitchen Storage.

All of our kitchens by Schüller and Nobilia are modular, which means they consist of single units enabling you to choose which ones you want and place them together in a way that suits you and your kitchen space.

Building a modular kitchen gives you the opportunity to create something that’s perfect for you. Using ready-made base units, you can mix and match colours, finishes and different layout designs, constructing your own unique kitchen look.

The great thing about modular kitchens is that you will have the feel of a unique, bespoke kitchen, but for a much more affordable price than having everything tailor-made especially for you. Our modular kitchens from nobilia have a starting price of only £7,000, which includes all the units, worktops, sink and tap plus design and full survey.

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Choosing your kitchen units

Schüller and Nobilia kitchen designs and manufacture base units in a range of dimensions and sizes, and it’s up to you to decide which ones you want and how they will fit together in your space. Once you’ve worked out which units you’re going to use, you can then decide on your preferred finishes and colours, and what kind of doors you’d like.

If you like the idea of using some units to display items, then a glass door is the perfect way to show them off at the same time as protecting them from dust. Alternatively, you can keep them as open shelving units, or make them into something creatively useful such as a wine rack using the appropriate accessories.

If you only have a small kitchen and want a modern kitchen, the different module sizes will enable you to make the best use of the space you have available without having to use units that are too big. If you have a larger kitchen to play with, then the units can be used to create different layouts and even an island, enabling you to be as conservative or creative as you want.

As soon as you have chosen the modules, colours, finishes and designs that will make up your kitchen, our craftsmen will create your units and deliver them. It’s then up to you whether to use our expert kitchen fitters, your own fitters or do the job yourself.

You will end up with a beautiful, bespoke, practical and affordable new kitchen that will make cooking an absolute pleasure.

Take a look at our most recent projects for some inspiration on how we can help you create the perfect modular kitchen unit design.

Discover the Schuller C Range, Next 125 Range and Nobilia Range and find your perfect modular kitchen today!

Top 10 Perks of Having a Modular Kitchen Design

Perk 1: Units give you flexibility

Using or investing in units gives you the flexibility to design your kitchen the way you want to. Modular units also open so many doors when it comes to storage and making sure your kitchen is equipped in a way that makes day to day life both practical and easy.

Modular Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Unit Design: Drawers and Units used as great storage spaces.


Perk 2: Kitchen Designs are Affordable

Designing a room can be more affordable than going for a bespoke ‘bring my kitchen dream to life here is a carte blanche budget’ design option. Modular room designs offer you the option to build or set up your room in steps or stages, and are therefore kinder on your budget.

Modular Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Modular Kitchen Designs are Kinder to your wallet.

Perk 3: Kitchen units are often high quality

The way that kitchen unit design units are built and manufactured means that they are often study, durable and pretty high quality products. They are a great long term investment option and often come in a wide range of options from very expensive to very affordable.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Modular Units are made to last and are made to build your dream kitchen.

Perk 4: Create a kitchen look that can be installed easily

Installing your unit can be quick and easy, especially wen you are working with local experts like (cough cough) KDCUK. This means that getting your kitchen installed will not be something that causes you sleepless nights, but rather as painless and pleasant as a lazy afternoon stroll.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Units have Efficient Installation Options Available.

Perk 5: They let you use your space effectively

Not only are modular style designs efficient in terms of providing you space and a pain free installation process. But, they are also amazing at allowing you to use your room space effectively. A modular shaped kitchen is designed to best suit the space that you have and make the most out of the square metres available.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

A modular shaped room is designed suit the space square metres available.

Perk 6: It lets you style your space

Incorporating a modular shaped unit design effectively gives you the reins when it comes to bringing your dream room to life. It lets you design the area where you will spend all of your time preparing meals, enjoying quality time with your family and making memories. You know the space best and what you want out of it, that is why this is such a great option, after all you are the one who is going to be living in your kitchen after all of this.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

A Modular shaped unit design lets you style your own room.

Perk 7: It give you options

The modern materials used to make your units can greatly impact the vibe and design of your area. That is one of the reasons why units are so great, they come in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes (literally), and you can choose a unit that best suits the vision you have in mind.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Choose a unit made with materials that suit the design you had in mind.

Perk 8: Straight forward upkeep

Maintaining your kitchen will also not require extreme amounts of upkeep. Modular designs are designed with quality in mind but also to be straight forward when it comes to upkeep and maintenance post installation.

Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Straight forward upkeep and maintenance post installation

Perk 9: It creates an efficient kitchen area

Having an exquisite kitchen design can sometimes be like trying on the beautiful dress in store, buying it and then realising the first time that you actually wear it, that it is uncomfortable, unflattering and completely impractical. Modular room designs are easily adaptable and changeable.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Kitchen designs are easily adaptable and changeable.

Perk 10: Quality over quantity

A room that has uses units gives you a straight forward design style as well as a room that is shaped to your unique desires and needs. Moreover, a modular kitchen is designed to give you easy access to your drawers.

Kitchen Unit Design: Modular Kitchens & Storage

Modular kitchens give you quality and adaptability.

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