The perfect kitchen to cater for all tastes


When it comes to cooking for a growing family, it’s likely that you’ll need to cater for different tastes. These can vary from a slightly fussy eater (not just the children!) to more severe cases like allergies and ethical food choices.

Whilst this may not be something you’d consider when you purchase a brand new kitchen, any family will need to consider the flexibility, cleanability and practicality of the kitchen in its working capacity, and not just how it looks.

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Getting picky eaters involved with the cooking

In the case of most children, and even some adults, cooking can get messy and a lot of space is required. In this case, the ideal would be a long worktop that’s not too far from the kitchen sink and the cooking utensils. This can work even in a small space, especially with our Nobilia range, which offers a clean, simple design.


Cooking for people with food allergies can be the biggest challenge in the kitchen. It’s therefore important that surfaces can be cleaned easily, and not have too many nooks and crannies that might trap the dangerous food. Our gloss finishes across all ranges are perfect for a quick clean-down just in time to prepare the next dish!

Keeping foods labelled is also an important factor to consider, and certain things like nuts need to be kept separately and in sealed jars. Having a safe and tidy space is essential, as is keeping it on a high shelf, away from small hands!

For the meat lovers AND the vegetarians

Unless you have the local butcher living next door, or copious amounts of time, it’s likely that, if you’re an omnivore, you’ll need to keep the meat in the fridge for a few days before you cook it. If you live with vegetarians, pescatarians or vegans, this could be a problem as the food needs to be stored separately, meaning you’ll need more room and have extra utensils to prepare and cook the meals. If your kitchen is large enough, the obvious answer is to have two fridges and two work areas.

Our award-winning Next 125 range is designed to have a modular approach to the kitchen design, which means that you can have smaller, more compact spaces, freeing up space for that extra-large fridge (or two!).

However challenging your family and tastes can be, KDCUK and our team of experts can talk you through every option available to you.

20 Sep 2019

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