Elizabeth, London, 2015


Elizabeth, London, 2015

Photos from our customer Elizabeth from North London showing her completed Next125 kitchen. Elizabeth chose a Crystal white matt finish for her units with Absolute blanc Quartz worktops to match at 660 mm deep. Wall unit height at 750 mm with factory fitted LED downlights.


Hi Julie,    From: Elizabeth, Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 18:02

I’m sending you 19 pictures in batches, I’ve zipped each file but they seem still big, I hope it works, otherwise, I will resend them later. Feel free to choose which one(s) you think are best to use. By the way, do you mention our names and towns with each picture that you use? If so, can you use my first name and just say London as a means of identification?

Well, I am enjoying it for sure as I’ve done more baking in the past six months than I’ve ever done in my entire life I usually hate baking but the kitchen is such a pleasure to use that I don’t mind doing it. “

Best wishes,

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