Fitted kitchens

Interested in finding the perfect fitted kitchen without breaking the bank? Don't look any further!  We're here to introduce you to the exquisite Schüller fitted kitchens.

The kitchens that are designed by our team of professionals are intended to last and are designed with utility in mind. Whether you're eyeing our affordable Nobilia range, the sleek Schüller C series, or the luxurious Schüller Next 125 line, our team of experts will optimise your space, providing ample kitchen storage. Since your kitchen is the focal point of your house, it should only receive the best.

Hailing from Germany, Schüller is globally recognised for its top-notch craftsmanship, sturdy units, and durable accessories. When it comes to the cost of fitted kitchens, investing in quality is always a smart move. So, if you're pondering fitted kitchen ideas or searching for fitted kitchens near you, we've got you covered with fully fitted kitchen packages tailored to your needs.

Looking good!

View our selection of designer kitchens! From standard to handleless, floating to shaker style, and even accessible kitchens, we've got it all. There is something to fit every taste among the wide variety of styles, finishes, and colours available. Rest assured, we'll craft the ideal fitted kitchen for you! Whether you're exploring fitted kitchen ideas or searching for fitted kitchens near you, our fully fitted kitchen packages ensure you get exactly what you need without any hassle.

Shaped to your room

Whatever the shape of your space, we’ll be able to design your fitted kitchen around it. The most popular layouts are:

 U-shaped – where the units fit around three sides of the room, usually with the sink at the bottom of the U
Galley – with the units running down two walls opposite each other
L-shaped – where the units are joined in an L shape, either against two walls or with part of the L jutting out into the room for extra storage and workspace

Visit our kitchen showroom

To find out more, visit our kitchen showroom in Cheshunt where you will be able to check out the units and kitchen ranges for yourself to get some kitchen ideas and talk to our friendly staff about your design ideas. Our displays will also give you some great inspiration in terms of layout, style and colours which means we will have a kitchen style to suit you.

Alternatively, check out our customers' kitchens for inspiration and see how other people have designed their Schüller kitchens and utilised the space available to them to make their dream kitchen. Contact us to book a design consultation to visit our COVID 19 safe kitchen showroom or to ask any questions.

To get started, book a tour of our kitchen showroom.

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Schüller’s kitchen units and accessories are sustainably produced, well made, robust, durable, and come with a 5-year guarantee.

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