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We all love having a nose around other people’s homes and especially enjoy seeing their kitchens. Whether it’s out of simple curiosity, the need to compare, or the desire to unleash the green-eyed monster, a new kitchen is always an object of fascination and awe. However, it’s one thing to see a friend or neighbour’s kitchen, it’s quite another to see one that belongs to a celebrity.

Through their social media channels, we often get tantalising glimpses of celebrities’ homes. Indeed, during lockdown, when celebrities were interviewed on camera in their own homes, we were often more interested in what was in the background than what they were saying. Some celebrities are occasionally happy to open their doors to photographers and give a guided tour of their celeb homes and kitchens, and we’ve been flicking through a lot of style magazines and videos to find out what celebrity kitchens really look like.

Nigella Lawson

We hope this isn’t spoiling things, but the kitchen used in Nigella’s cookery programme is a purpose-built set. With so many cameras needed to film a TV programme, it’s not surprising that a domestic kitchen is simply too small, but apparently, the set is based on her real kitchen. However, Hello! magazine did find a photo of her colourful Aga with a rather snazzy silver splashback which was almost obscured by cooking utensils.

Gordon Ramsay

During lockdown, Chef Ramsay shared recipes from his own kitchen. He’s gone for a black-and-white look in his kitchen, and the room is clearly the centre of family life. As you’d expect for someone who has made a successful career out of cooking, he has a well-stocked kitchen, with gadgets all over the place. He cooks on gas hobs that are fitted to the kitchen island – with enough space for a family member to film him at work of course!

Marcus Rashford

In a video tour of his home, footballer and campaigner against child hunger Marcus Rashford showed off a modestly designed kitchen where he confessed that he can’t actually cook. He explained he has a nutritionist chef to prepare his meals and keep him in top shape for his footballing career. So his fridge may be full of food, but he can’t eat it – it’s all there to feed his friends, which is an indication of his generous nature.

Britney Spears

Even richer than a Premier League footballer is singer Britney Spears. As you’d expect, she has a big house and a MASSIVE kitchen with an island that’s not far off the size of a normal kitchen! Her white units with black handles and marble tops fit in well with the wooden floors, giving it quite a homely look despite the size. Though it has to be said, not many of us have a chandelier in our kitchen…

Oprah Winfrey

For a billionaire, Oprah’s kitchen seems surprisingly modest (in relative terms that is). In a video tour of Oprah’s home, we get a glimpse of a cosy family kitchen that looks well used. It’s much more of a practical area than something that’s designed to show off how rich the homeowner is.

The Queen

We’re not sure if the Queen has ever personally made herself beans on toast in one of the kitchens at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, but there would be plenty of chefs on hand to open the tin for her if she ever wanted to. Given the amount of catering that’s needed for official banquets, it’s probably not surprising to find the kitchens are pretty much like any commercial kitchen and have an army of cooks to prepare the meals, as photographers for Hello! magazine found out.

KDCUK celebrities

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2 Jun 2021

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