Matte Black Kitchen Inspiration: Match Your Surfaces

Matte Black Kitchen

A black kitchen is the absolute interior design hit of 2022. More and more homeowners have realised that dark interiors can look good - even in small rooms. What's more, black kitchen cabinets are not that difficult to keep clean… if you choose the right materials. Check out the most interesting interior design ideas in our Matte Black Kitchen Gallery below and make your black kitchen look unique and impressive.

If you want to create a bold statement with a dramatic shade, matt black kitchen worktops are a great choice. Instantly introducing a luxurious look, a matt black kitchen can be paired with metallic accents like brushed copper and brass, or premium materials such as engineered stone. Matt black kitchen handles can be used to accent your storage space, and make functional aspects of your kitchen very stylish indeed!

Matt Black Kitchen Worktops

A black kitchen is the absolute opposite of the minimalist, clean Scandinavian kitchen style that has been so prevalent in recent years. But it doesn’t mean that an interior like that cannot refer to minimalist stylistics. The difference is that, because of the dark colour, the whole interior looks unlike any of the standard solutions available on the market today.

Many homeowners are afraid that a black kitchen would not look good in their homes, especially where space is limited. There are, however, certain tricks that can make a black kitchen look more spacious. Brightening it with decorations or investing in quality lighting and large lamps is all it takes.

Moreover, combining your dark kitchen tone with a matt finish to hide scuffs and stains will give you a kitchen that will look newer for longer, and it will introduce a sense of uniformity and consistency throughout your kitchen space. 

Matt Black Kitchen Tap

Another great idea is to incorporate a statement piece like a matt black kitchen tap in your washing up area. Your kitchen sink is more important in your kitchen than you might think, we suggest reading about how having your kitchen sink under your window can change the way you view washing up.

Black kitchens can be balanced with paler elements for a timeless dark-and-light theme, or used to complement other dark features for a refined look. This intense shade absorbs light, creating a cosy feel in larger rooms whilst providing a versatile backdrop for vibrant pops of colour for added personality. 

In open spaces, this hue helps to define a zone to separate it from other living areas. Choose from a range of designs like framed, single-piece and contemporary styles. A variety of finishes are also available in the collection to create a custom look.

Making Your Matte Black Kitchen Marvellous

Other surfaces that cover your matte black kitchen walls are just as important when designing a luxury matt kitchen to create that high-end aesthetic. Tiles may look good but are impractical to clean, which is why splashbacks and backboards are a great alternative. Added style points for those in a matching finish!

Using photos taken from our very own kitchen installations, the matt black kitchen ideas below showcase original and imaginative ways to plan and decorate a kitchen space. We have used our own customer kitchen photos to demonstrate how different colours, finishes, and cabinetry can be used in collaboration with a matte black kitchen finish. Many of these ideas can be tailored to suit any room size, shape, and interior style. 

From trending light tones to classic palettes browse our gallery of kitchen black design ideas below: 

Matte Black Kitchen Gallery 

Kitchen Extensions

A dream kitchen brought to life

Thinking about a kitchen revamp but stuck for ideas? Check out a real-life customer kitchen designed by us. With our expertise, we've created a beautiful, functional kitchen that meets the customer's needs. Get inspired and see what we can create for you!


11 May 2022

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