Working With Kitchen Worktops: Kitchen Worktop Ideas UK

Working With Kitchen Worktops: Kitchen Worktop Ideas UK

When choosing a new kitchen worktop, it can be difficult to find a balance between practicality and beauty. Of course, your work surfaces need to suit the overall style and feel of your kitchen, but you also need to ensure that you’re not compromising on quality. It’s essential that you choose kitchen worktop ideas that suit your needs, are highly durable, easy to maintain, and will last for years.

5 Kitchen Worktop Ideas

Quartz – the best kitchen surface for cleanliness

Now more than ever, hygiene is on people’s minds when planning for a new kitchen. Quartz is a popular, tough, attractive, non-porous material. It’s considered one of the best kitchen work surfaces for preparing and storing food without having to worry about bacteria growing, and it also doesn’t stain so easily. Quartz is also low maintenance worktop material, is easy to clean and is highly durable.

Stylish slate and ceramic kitchen worktops

Slate and ceramic rank as amongst the most stylish, aesthetically pleasing kitchen worktop materials and are usually dearer than quartz. These worktops are highly durable and non-porous material, meaning that you won’t need to worry too much about stains or bacteria. 

The best budget-friendly kitchen worktop

A lower-cost alternative to the quartz worktop, modern laminate, is a fantastic option if you are searching for something more affordable that is still non-porous and easy to maintain. These worktops are resistant to moisture, scratching and heat, and can mimic the more high-end surfaces such as quartz, ceramic and slate. Schuller and Nobilia both produce a range of modern, variable thickness, sleek laminate worktops which perfectly match the colours of kitchen units. 

Choose granite for polished, quality kitchen worktops

Looking for a glossy, luxurious finish to your kitchen? Granite is a classic, traditional stone worktop surface that is usually paired with a more traditional kitchen design. It’s a fairly low-maintenance material and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and antibacterial spray.


Corian is made from a mixture of minerals, acrylic resin and colourings, essentially a plastic composition, it’s a softer material than the alternatives but with the advantage of being easier to fix scratches or dents. This is a very flexible kitchen worktop material that suits both contemporary and modern kitchens and can be moulded to any shape or design. Corian comes in a wide range of colours.

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