Why you Need to Make Room for Storage

Room for storage

As adults, we get busy. Things get thrown down on the nearest surface, tidying up gets left until later, or everything gets pulled out of a drawer just to find that one specific item. We’ve all been in situations like this and it’s understandable as we can’t always prioritise cleaning and tidying. This is why you need to make room for storage. 

Having good storage solutions in place gives everything its own home, neatly put away and waiting for you when you need it. With the kitchen being one of the busiest (and often messiest) rooms in the house, it’s important to implement kitchen storage solutions to make our everyday lives easier and stress free makes a lot of sense.


Cabinetry is excellent at providing the foundation for a design that’s centred around humans and how we operate on a daily basis. The correct cabinets can provide household devices such as kitchen appliances and other everyday items a dedicated space. Having a place for everything will instinctively make you more likely to return them to that place after use. Keeping your kitchen cupboards tidy is more likely if you have cabinets that are dedicated to categories of items. Having easy storage solutions will encourage you to leave your surfaces clear and the room easier and more enjoyable to use.. 

Another advantage to cabinets is that they can also be tailored to suit your chosen kitchen interior. For example, towers and drawers lend themselves well to linear looks, creating strong horizontal and vertical lines. Whereas glass-fronted styles can be used for a faux dresser effect in a rustic home. 

If you have just moved into a new home and find the kitchen is in need of an update, changing the cabinet doors is a great way to freshen up the room and change the feel of the space. 

In recent years, people have been going for the more colourful or statement options as another way of stamping their personality onto their home. This means the kitchen cabinets are not just a practical element but also a form of personal expression. 

Kitchen storage

In addition to providing a dedicated area in your kitchen for storage, it is also important to make the storage easily accessible. From larders to corner carousels, cutlery trays and pull-down shelves – storage can be customised to suit your design as well as how you wish to use it. It can be clever and intuitive when planned correctly and put together by experienced designers. For instance, in engineered looks, it is common to see pans hanging from the exposed framework, whereas in modern designs, these will be neatly stowed in a pan drawer. 

Not everyone will want their kitchen storage to work in the same way, which is why we tailor it to your needs and design it to work for you. If you’re unsure where to start, pick and choose which elements you like from our past customers’ kitchens

It’s up to you which kitchen storage solutions work best for you. Then KDCUK will implement them in a practical and stylish way. Book a free kitchen design consultation today to see how your dream kitchen can become a reality.

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19 Apr 2023

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