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Are you looking for the wow factor in your kitchen? By maxing out on the kitchen finishing features, you can accomplish a design that will be the envy of your friends, family and neighbours at the same time as bringing a real sense of individuality and character to the space. So, which finishing features of your kitchen should you be turning your attention to?

Kitchen surfaces

The aesthetics of surfaces in domestic kitchens can be overlooked and be viewed as purely a practical element. Many people opt for either a basic wood finish or a basic marble finish (especially in higher-end kitchens), with little variation. However, it’s good to know that you can find surfaces available in a variety of colours, materials, and textures, depending on what look or effect you’re going for. Surfaces are now one of the most creative elements when designing your own kitchen. You can consider using your counters to create a statement look or layering materials for a refined or industrial style. 

There are other places you can customise with surfaces too, such as walls, a breakfast area or behind a cooktop. Many come in matching patterns and finishes for a coordinated and premium effect. Take a look at some of our customer kitchens for inspiration.


As the largest surface in any room, the floor is often overlooked when designing a kitchen, yet it has the biggest impact on the overall look. Therefore it will be worth your time to pay attention to this particular kitchen finishing feature. Thanks to advances in technology, there are more patterns and finishes than ever before, giving homeowners plenty of styles to play with. Your kitchen floor can be a great area to play around with bright, bold, and fun patterns that bring personality into the space through a variety of floor tile options. This can work particularly well when the rest of the kitchen has been kept in a more neutral style, to really make the flooring the star of the show.

Some other great flooring options to consider are wood-effects that are commonly found in Scandinavian-inspired homes or those packed full of heritage charm. Whereas stone-effects best suit contemporary or refined designs. 

Cabinet handles 

The obvious benefit of cabinet handles is that they’re great for making cupboard doors easy to access. Although this is an important benefit to bear in mind, it’s worth knowing that handles are also a simple addition that can vastly change a room’s aesthetic. There are a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes to choose from. The style you choose can drastically change the room’s overall look and feel, whether that’s more contemporary or traditional.

We recommend D-shaped and bar handles for modern settings as they are a more seamless, clean look. Contrastingly, knob and cup options offer a classic accent in a space. Mixing styles is also a popular trend offering an eclectic effect, whereas handle-less offers the ultimate in minimal design. 

If you’re aiming to revitalise your kitchen’s aesthetic or upgrade specific features, why not explore our kitchen financing option? Book a free kitchen design consultation today to discover how we can assist you in bringing your dream kitchen to life with flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs!

2 Feb 2023

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