Trending Kitchen Colours for 2022


If you’re wondering what colour goes with grey kitchen units and seeking trending colours for kitchen cabinets or colours that go with grey and white kitchen decor, we’ve got you covered with these colourful kitchen ideas for walls in 2022. Select a colour that suits your style, as your kitchen’s look will last for a decade or more.

White kitchens 

White kitchens are always trending and will continue to do so in 2022. This is because if you have a smaller kitchen, or your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, having a predominantly white kitchen will make it appear larger and lighter. The popularity of white extends to various shades to choose from such as alpine white, concrete white, polar white, or crystal white. You can also change the feel of the room by going for matt or gloss finishes. 

With a predominantly white kitchen, you can add splashes of colour that are a lot easier to change if you become fed up with them. This can include painting the wall a bold colour, having brightly coloured bar stools or having colourful kitchen gadgets, pictures or decorative ornaments on display.

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Grey kitchens 

Grey can be a stunning colour when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Embrace the neutrality of a lighter grey, or be dramatic with an elegant darker grey. Grey tones can be very warm, creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in your kitchen. Popular for 2022 will be concrete quartz grey which is perfect for an industrial-look kitchen, honed satin grey for a sophisticated off-white look, sand grey which creates warmth, the mid-tone agate grey, or darker slate grey for a statement look. 

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Blue kitchens 

Blue is a colour that will never go out of style – from the pastel aqua supermatt to the gorgeously deep tones of the aqua blue.

C Range Aqua Blue Matt Kitchen

Yellow kitchens

Yellow is not necessarily a colour you’d want to cover your entire kitchen with, but it works extremely well as an accent colour with darker colours. We anticipate that our curry satin cabinets will be trending for some time to come. 

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Black kitchens 

Black kitchens may sound a bit too gothic, but they can look stunning. By using graphite black with accent colours, you’re set to create a wow factor kitchen. And don’t be put off by the thought of cleaning black units – they come with ‘Easy Touch’ anti-fingerprint technology. Another trend is to have a glossy black, such as lava black glass, which will make your kitchen shine. Also popular is to have black supermatt units combined with wood-effect worktops to create a classy, elegant kitchen. 

C Range Onyx Black Matt Kitchen

Wooden kitchens 

Wood is enduringly popular in kitchens, and wood-effect units and worktops will always be on-trend when it comes to kitchen colour schemes. Wood is warm and friendly, and it’s great if you want to create a cottage kitchen atmosphere. Popular colours in 2022 will range from the light sierra oak and sanremo oak to the darker natural walnut, old oak barrique and brushed larch

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If you’d like to see kitchen units in the trending colours for 2022, make an appointment to visit our Cheshunt kitchen showroom where you can also talk to one of our designers. You can also get some inspiration for colours and layouts by taking a look at photos of some of our customers’ kitchens

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