The role of a kitchen surveyor

Kitchen CAD - Kitchen Surveyor

A new kitchen is a big investment, which is why the role of a kitchen surveyor is vital. The job involves much more than just making sure all the measurements are accurate. 

When you order a kitchen from us, our kitchen surveyor will carry out a full and detailed survey of your kitchen. The process not only ensures that all measurements are accurate but also allows our surveyor to work with you to make sure the design is suitable for the size of the room and that everything will fit well in the space you have. 

How do you plan to use your kitchen? 

One hugely important part of the surveyor’s job is to find out how you and your family will be using your new kitchen as your lifestyle will play a significant role in determining its design. If, for instance, you are planning to use it as a room where everyone will spend a lot of time together, the best layout will be different than if you’re just going to use it for cooking.  

The surveyor will also talk to you about the finer details such as joins, colours and splashbacks, and will make recommendations about appliances, depending on whether you’re planning to integrate them into the units or have freestanding ones. 

With their detailed knowledge of Schüller kitchens and Nobilia kitchens, our surveyors can also make recommendations on inserts and shelving options that will enable you to make the most of the space available and ensure it’s easy to keep your cupboards and drawers nice and tidy! 

Time well spent

The surveyor’s visit could take up to two hours, but with all the details in place, they can then produce an accurate computer-aided design (CAD) which will give you a much better idea about how your redesigned kitchen will look when it’s finished. 

The work will also enable us to give you a price both for the units, appliances and accessories and for the installation work if you would like us to also do the fit-out. 

With such detailed plans and costings to hand, you can make your final decision about your new kitchen secure in the knowledge that it will be everything you expect. 

5 Aug 2019

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