How to incorporate art into a kitchen

How To Incorporate Art Into A Kitchen | German Kitchen Designers

A Schüller kitchen is a work of art in itself, but you may want to enhance it with your favourite art in order to personalise it even further. The main thing to take into consideration when choosing something to hang on the wall is the fact that kitchens are likely to get steamy on a frequent basis, which could damage paintings or prints over time. So the kitchen is definitely not the right place to hang any originals by Monet or Van Gogh you happen to have lying around!

Here are a few ideas as to how you can incorporate different types of art into your kitchen to help make cooking and baking an even more creative experience.

Kids art on the fridge door

Fridge doors are the classic gallery space for your favourite pictures created by your kids. Use magnets to hang them up and keep them in place. Seeing their artwork on display should also encourage your kids to paint lots more, meaning you can have an ever-changing exhibition that will make you smile whenever you’re in the kitchen.


If you’d prefer to have Fine Art on your wall, buy a high-quality poster of your favourite painting and invest in a beautiful frame for it. The frame will last a long time and help protect the poster from all the moisture in the room As soon as the poster begins to look less than perfect – or if you simply fancy a change, replace it in the same frame.


Photographic art is extremely popular, and you can buy high-quality prints relatively cheaply. If you can’t afford gallery prices, check online craft marketplaces like Etsy or Folksy for even lower prices.

Gallery wall

How To Incorporate Art Into A Kitchen | German Kitchen Designers

If you have a large enough wall space, treat it like your own personal mini art gallery. By using a number of smaller pictures, you’ll always have something interesting to look at as you cook or eat, and you can incorporate different styles and images so there’s something to please everyone! You can create an eclectic collection of painting, photography, mementoes or maybe even your favourite recipes and can swap them around from time to time to keep things fresh.


It is possible to have splashback designs made to order, which will result in a totally waterproof image that will last as long as your kitchen. Whether you want your splashback to display a favourite work of art, a calming photograph like one of our clients did here, or your own design or photo, you can have exactly what you want.

Aluminium artwork

Art created on aluminium canvasses is a perfect compromise, allowing you to hang original art in your kitchen without the worry that it will suffer from the moisture in the air. Best of all, original paintings can be bought for very reasonable prices – check art galleries and craft websites to see what’s available. There are also companies that can print your own photos and designs onto an aluminium canvas, enabling you to enjoy your favourite image for years to come!

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