U-Shaped Kitchens

Having a U-shaped kitchen means you can work more efficiently because of what’s known as ‘the kitchen triangle’. This is where you position the sink, fridge and cooker at each corner of a triangular shape, enabling you to move around between them in the most ergonomic way possible as you prepare and cook your food.

Making the most of a small kitchen

The U-shaped configuration works extremely well in small kitchens as it makes the most of the limited space. It offers good storage capacity, especially at the bottom of the U, where there are two corner spaces. This space can be utilised to its fullest with the addition of pull-out shelves or carousels which allow you to easily retrieve items stored at the back of the cupboards.

The bottom of the U is generally against an exterior wall, with the sink positioned underneath the window, enabling you to look out of the window as you wash up – let’s hope you’ve got a good view! And because of the closeness of the cupboards, it won’t take long to put everything away once you’ve dried up.

An additional advantage if you’re one of those cooks who hate it when people offer to give you a helping hand, is that a small U-shaped kitchen is an ideal excuse to turn them down, because there usually isn’t enough room for two people to work comfortably side-by-side!

Large kitchen

Whilst U-shaped kitchens are very popular in small kitchens, you don’t have to have restricted space in order to enjoy the ergonomic benefits of a U-shaped working area. Because it is such a practical space, many people’s kitchen designs include U-shaped working areas and islands. With a clearly defined and separated working area, you can then make the best use of the rest of the space in the kitchen, such as a table where the family can sit together for informal meals and chats.

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