U-Shaped Kitchen Designs

u-shaped kitchen designs

Having a U shaped kitchen means you can cook more efficiently because of what’s known as ‘the kitchen triangle’. This is where you position the sink, fridge and cooker at each corner of a triangular shape, enabling you to move around between them in the most ergonomic way possible as you prepare and cook your food.

U-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens

U shaped kitchen is a highly coveted layout for the modern house hunter since they offer so much space for your cabinets and shelving. The u-shaped layout and u shaped kitchen designs place units around the central cooking space or your oven. Leaving on three sides with the top of the ‘u’ left open for a doorway or an open plan living room. This kitchen design gives you more floor space and can connect your kitchen to your dining area.

u-shaped kitchen designs


Small U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas UK

A U-shaped design can be combined with dining areas or even a kitchen island if the width of the room allows. An open-plan room often presents the opportunity to make one arm of the ‘u’ into a peninsula that can be accessed from both sides, such as for use as a breakfast bar or as a dual-sided storage volume. Find all this and more in this inspirational gallery.

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Making the most of a small kitchen using a U Shaped Kitchen Layout

The U-shaped design or configuration works extremely well in small kitchens as it makes the most of the limited space. It offers good storage capacity, especially at the bottom of the U, where there are two corner spaces. This space can be utilised to its fullest with the addition of pull-out shelves or carousels which allow you to easily retrieve items stored at the back of the cupboards.

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas

The bottom of the U is generally against an exterior wall, with the sink positioned underneath the window, enabling you to look out of the window as you wash up – let’s hope you’ve got a good view! And because of the closeness of the cupboards, it won’t take long to put everything away once you’ve dried up.


u-shaped kitchen

Additional advantage if you’re one of those cooks who hate it when people offer to give you a helping hand, is that a small U-shaped area is an ideal excuse to turn them down because there usually isn’t enough room for two people to work comfortably side-by-side!

Large kitchen & a U Shaped Kitchen Design

Whilst U-shaped kitchens are very popular in small kitchens, you don’t have to have restricted space in order to enjoy the ergonomic benefits of a U-shaped working area. Because it is such a practical space, many people’s kitchen designs include U-shaped working areas and islands. With a clearly defined and separated working area, you can then make the best use of the rest of the space in the kitchen, such as a table where the family can sit together for informal meals and chats.

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10 U Shaped Kitchens & Tips you can use from them

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas UK:

Colour coordinate your shelving wall units with your u shaped kitchen wall colour. The shelving and wall cabinetry in this kitchen design has been used as a reference for the room’s focal paint colour. Colour coordinating your paint with the shelving units in this way helps the space appear more open. Using natural light in your small u shaped kitchen floor plans are arguably the most practical kitchen layout on the market today.

U Shaped Kitchen with open shelving.


U-Shaped Kitchen Open To Living Room:

This modern u shaped kitchen with island is a great design. A different tack has been taken in this u shaped wooden kitchen, with wall cabinets placed around the full u-shape. Using a breakfast bar in this kitchen design has used the floor space effectively and created lots of cupboard space.

u-shaped kitchen ideas

U-Shaped Kitchen With Breakfast Bar:

Create a wrap-around storage volume in your kitchen layouts, especially when your u shaped kitchen is facing an adjacent area. In this, u shaped kitchen layout, storage has been continued around the corner into the lounge in this open-plan home. The extension is used as a media unit surrounding the tv facing the lounge. This works well in a small u shape kitchen.

u-shaped kitchen ideas

Small U-Shaped Kitchen With Breakfast Bar:

When it comes to kitchen layouts and kitchen designs, we suggest using defined edges with lighting. If you use your lighting and LED strips in a clever way, like how in this u shape kitchen the lights have been placed just beneath the lip of a kitchen countertop and wall units, you can create an ambient glow. This is especially effective in a small u shaped kitchen or an open planned u shaped layout.

u-shaped kitchen ideas

Limited Space Small U-Shaped Kitchen Designs:

When it comes to kitchen layouts in a long open home, a mid-way kitchen can be used to effectively divide the floor plan. It makes your kitchen a focal point and a statement piece. This would not work for a small living area as it would not be the most effective use of your bright statement cupboards and the space available.

u-shaped ideas

U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar:

Kitchen design can be tricky, but a great and simple trick is to add colour, colour inspiration can get you far. Bring colour into your cooking space with well-chosen countertop appliances and accessories that add a pop of colour. This living area set of red appliances looks great with warm rustic brick walls. Using colourful appliances really works well in a dining area and is well worth the money you spend.

u-shaped ideas

U-Shaped Kitchens With Breakfast Bar:

We suggest using black appliances in a white room, it gives your cooking space a punchy and modern look and feels. This kitchen design has black pieces situated on each of the three straights of the cooking space. Giving u shaped layout a sense of balance and harmony and connects it to your dining space.

u-shaped ideas

Open Plan Kitchen Ideas With Island:

Use wooden kitchen cabinets, shelves and wall features. Adding a touch of wood to your u shaped spaces creates a warm space and is one of our better design ideas. When adding wood into a room, we suggest complementing the look and feel of your kitchen with some great natural lighting to really bring out the shade and grain of the wood you are using.

u-shaped space designs

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Ideas:

On the other hand, you can use colourful kitchen cabinets, shelves and wall features. Adding a touch of colour to your u shaped spaces creates a bright space and is one of our better design ideas. U Shaped layout can be hard to design, but if you add a pop of colour you might surprise yourself with the results. Create a creative kitchen space that will inspire you during food preparation. Open kitchen designs with living room spaces.

u-shaped designs

Small U-Shaped Kitchen Floor Plans:

Look at this great galley kitchen. The use of space in this kitchen is something we suggest you try and emulate. When it comes to room design, you have to use your space effectively. Even if you are lucky enough to have an open plan kitchen, it’s still worth ensuring your kitchen inspiration leaves you with a space you feel at home in. Shelving is often a great option in u shaped spaces, using both top and bottom cabinets as well as corner cupboards gives you more storage space and more counter space.

u-shaped kitchen designs

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