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How to Tackle A New Kitchen Cost Budget?

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, and if the last two years have taught us anything, it is that having a home space that is welcoming and somewhere you want to spend time is fundamental going forward. Nevertheless, not all of us are in a position to throw the financial kitchen sink (excuse the kitchen pun) at the issue of designing and installing a brand-spanking new kitchen in our homes. So, it’s essential to consider factors like how much a new kitchen costs before diving into the renovation process.

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Kitchen Design Cost

You like so many of us might have realised (around lockdown one or two) that your kitchen might be a place that you would like to remodel or redesign. However, these romantic initial thoughts are quickly doused with a cold bucket of reality after a few searches on the internet, and realising that a new kitchen cost ranges from affordable (but the quality is poor) to well its a gorgeous kitchen but I will have to sell one of my kidneys in order to afford it. When searching the internet for new kitchen costs in 2021, you can be daunted with the amount of Pinterest inspiration photos of kitchens that (quite literally) cost an arm and a leg.

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We at KDCUK, are not in that vein. We are local UK manufacturers who pride ourselves on providing quality and durable german kitchens, at a price that you can afford.

Kitchen Design Cost

How much does a new kitchen cost?

It’s impossible to answer a question like ‘how much does a new kitchen cost?’ without knowing more details about the project first. There are many variables to take into consideration, such as kitchen size and shape, the price of your chosen unit range, how many internal mechanisms and drawers are needed, appliances required, how extensive your renovations are going to be, etc.

So instead of providing you with generic answers that will be of no use to you, we have crafted this guide so as you can read on a section that you find most relevant to you. Read through the heading index below and click on the section you feel is most relevant to your kitchen design needs.

  1. New Kitchen Budgeting
  2. Why Choose KDCUK
  3. Considering Kitchen Costs
  4. Adding in the Details
  5. Average Cost of Kitchen Units
  6. New Kitchen Costs & Considerations
  7. Is a Flat-Packed Kitchen Cheaper?

Kitchen Design Cost

New Kitchen Budgeting

A better way of tackling the cost question is to start with your budget and work backwards, designing your new kitchen around what you can afford without compromising quality or style. This approach allows you to explore various kitchen prices and make informed decisions while creating the kitchen of your dreams.

If your current kitchen is outdated or damaged, then you may want to consider installing a new kitchen. Pulling the metaphorical plaster off of your kitchen design needs. To break down what a new kitchen design would entail, consider that a newly fitted kitchen usually consists of new cabinets, kitchen worktops, new appliances like a fridge, freezer and stove, as well as wall decoration and tiles.

Kitchen Design Cost

Some argue that if you want to save money when designing your new kitchen then you will have to either buy second-hand or take on a grand designs level project and source all of these different components from different suppliers in order to stick to your budget, (creating a logistical nightmare in the process).

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Nobilia Kitchens, Schuller Kitchens & Next125

We at KDCUK would like to offer you a different solution. We are a local UK german kitchen supplier who prides themselves on giving you a new german kitchen without the logistics and at an affordable price. If you are interested in what we have to offer read more about our german kitchen ranges.

Kitchen Design Cost

Why Choose KDCUK German Kitchens?

1. Design Experience and Product Knowledge

We’ve been designing and installing kitchens since 2004, we understand German kitchens furniture very well and believe wholeheartedly in its quality and reliability.

2. We Work in a Friendly, Approachable Manner

We never pressure prospective customers to buy, our focus is on getting the right design at the right price for you. We treat our customers in the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

3. Personalised Service

You will be communicating and working with the same designer throughout the German kitchen design stage.

4. Detailed Survey After Design

After the design has been agreed and your deposit paid we carry out a detailed survey of every kitchen design in the home. This covers and confirms all aspects of the design, furniture and installation. The same kitchen surveyor will answer any questions you may have from survey through installation to post-installation, making it the ideal design service.

5. Consistency

We’ve been working with the same, small number of highly experienced fitting teams for many years and offer a 2-year fitting guarantee on your new kitchen.

6. Got a Question or Issue Years Later?

We’ll know exactly who you are straight away and will help you with your dream kitchen.

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Considering Kitchen Costs

It’s hugely important to keep in mind that even if you have a small budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality. To give you an idea of the basic starting costs of our ranges, the Nobilia range starts at £7,000; for the Schüller C Range, it’s £9,000; and for our premium Schüller Next 125 range, it’s £11,000. These costs include the price of the units and manufacturer’s laminate worktops, plus a sink and taps, a full site survey, and delivery of the kitchen. When considering the average kitchen cost, these figures provide a helpful starting point. Explore our Bora Hobs range, which uses steam in its finest form for baking and cooking. This combination marks the start of the next chapter in our story: boundless design freedom and perfect cooking results for the finest kitchens in the world.

New Kitchen Cost

An Affordable New Kitchen Cost

The average cost of a new kitchen depends on the kitchen unit costs and laminate worktops you decide to invest in, the size of the room and the quality of materials you choose. For a medium-sized kitchen with average materials, you should expect it to cost between £6000 and £9000.

The Nobilia and C Range kitchens are comparable in cost to the kitchens you can buy from the major DIY stores, but they offer better quality units and mechanisms you’d expect from renowned German manufacturers. This means they are more durable long term, look great for longer, ultimately giving you better value for money. And all of our kitchen ranges are made from sustainable timber.

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Adding in The Details

If you’re trying to keep the costs down there are a few things you can do to help, firstly still choose good brand appliances but the basic models without all the optional, often unused extras that push the price up. Secondly, avoid adding into your design too many drawers and internal mechanisms, these too will push the price up.

New Kitchen Cost

Kitchen Appliance Admin

Moreover, when factoring in your kitchen appliances cost, you must look to your existing kitchen and the appliances you can use from your old, in your new. For example, your washing machine, kitchen sink, fridge, freezer and electrical appliances are often transferrable from one kitchen to another and can save you money. An average-sized kitchen will require a few kitchen units to house some of these appliances, like your washing machine and or dryer.

We have helped our customers craft kitchens that suit the space they have available. We offer a bespoke kitchen design experience at a price that won’t break your wallet.

new kitchen cost

Average Cost of Kitchen Units

All our ranges offer additional storage accessories which will help you keep your kitchen organised and ensure you can always easily find the utensils you want. Accessories range from cutlery/pan drawer dividers, splashback rail organisers, le-mans mechanisms for corner units, to integrated scales, retractable pull-out shelves, and recycling units. You can even add tablet holders and pop up sockets so you can keep your technology out of harm’s way as you follow the recipe.

Other factors to take into account when budgeting for your new kitchen are whether or not you need to retile the floor or walls, add splashbacks, install new lighting, rewire the electrics, replace water pipes, etc.

new kitchen prices

All the details need to be planned at the initial design stage, and this is something our experienced designers will help you with. They will not only work with you to design a beautiful kitchen that’s within your budget, but they will also find out how you intend to use it and make suggestions that will suit your lifestyle. With your input, we can then produce an accurate computer-aided design of the layout and also give you detailed costings to ensure that you get a beautiful kitchen within budget.

Contact us if you would like to know more.

new kitchen prices

New Kitchen Costs & Considerations

Before you can set a budget for your bespoke kitchen cost, there’s one thing you need to know: Just how much does a new bespoke kitchen cost? Ask the question upfront at a kitchen showroom, and you may not get a concrete answer — it of course depends on the size, style, finish and any work required to fit your new kitchen.

Kitchen Design Cost

To Go Bespoke or To Not Go Bespoke?

However, for someone just starting out on their kitchen design journey, some ballpark figures can really help in organising your budget.

According to a recent report by Rated People, 68% of Brits set out to tackle a kitchen renovation with a budget of under £4,000 — proving you don’t need a huge budget to start thinking about changing your space — while 11% have over £8,000 saved for their new kitchen. We take a look at the average costs of a range of different kitchens, from budget to bespoke and everything in between, to see how far you can stretch your budget for your renovation project.

cost of a new kitchen

Is a Flat-Packed Kitchen Cheaper?

Well potentially, yes. For example, Schuller Kitchens’ budget C range has good quality kitchen units. These units are the same quality of cabinetry as its fully assembled range but cost 25% less, estimated at between £1,425 for a small kitchen to £3,275 for an extra-large kitchen.

Flat-Packed Kitchen Installation

However, you’ll need to take into account any extra costs associated with fitting the kitchen, as a flat-packed design will take longer to install on-site. We highly recommend investing in good quality units, as when it comes to kitchen cabinets, the poor man pays twice and you want quality over quantity.

Kitchen Design Cost

You will also have to pay for commercial kitchen fitters to come and install your new flat packed kitchen. Kitchen installation prices vary but ensure that you factor this cost into your budgeting. You can save money on your kitchen installation by using a local kitchen fitter and supplier like KDCUK.

Contact us if you would like to know more. Explore our Bora Hobs range, which uses steam in its finest form – for baking and cooking. This combination marks the start of the next chapter in our story: boundless design freedom and perfect cooking results for the finest kitchens in the world.

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