Accessories to complement your Schüller kitchen

Kitchen Accessories Ideas for Your Schüller Kitchen

When you’re investing in a new kitchen, a lot of thought and time goes into choosing exactly the right look to suit your taste, your lifestyle, and your space. So, once that’s done, wouldn’t it be wonderful to explore some inspiring kitchen accessories ideas that can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space while adding a personal touch? After all, your kitchen deserves that extra touch of style and practicality.

Transform Your Space: Creative Kitchen Accessories Ideas

A splash of colour

Splashbacks and tiles are the most obvious way of complementing your beautiful new kitchen, whether you want to keep your design theme consistent or break it up with a different colour. You can really show your creative side without overwhelming the overall look.

Mixing it up

Adding colour makes a kitchen more fun and gives it an individual style, but given that colours go in and out of style, we understand that most people prefer a neutral look designed to be loved for many years. But there’s no reason why you can’t add lovely colours with modern kitchen gadgets that are easily replaced when fashions change.

Kitchen gadgets come in a wide range of colours, and any fan of The Great British Bake Off will be familiar with the show’s food mixers in pastel colours that match the units in the tent. But if you’d prefer to make a bigger, bolder impression, they also come in stand-out colours such as bright red or royal blue, perfect for providing a contrast with, say, the C Range Concrete Quartz kitchen or the colourful Next 125 Saffron Yellow Satin kitchen. Or you could adopt the GBBO pastel look and find a food mixer to match with the C Range Pastel Rose Satin kitchen.

Stylish breakfast

There are kitchen accessories we use all the time, so it’s likely that they’ll always be on show. So why not choose them carefully to ensure they add to the aesthetics of your beautiful new kitchen, rather than just buying the first ones that come to hand? We’re talking about kettles, toasters and coffee makers which come in a huge variety of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes. It won’t matter if you’re looking for gadgets that will blend into the background gracefully or are bold, eye-catching objet d’art, with such a wide selection available you’re bound to find something you like.

Stay cool – don’t hide it

White goods are, on the whole, quite boring to look at, and this is why kitchen manufacturers like Schüller design units that discreetly integrate washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges and freezers. But there is one famous brand, Smeg, which manufactures fridge/freezers that are beautiful objects in their own right, and in stunning colours that you really won’t want to tuck away behind cupboard doors. So why not design your kitchen to show off a statement piece?

Explore our kitchen showroom for endless kitchen accessories ideas!

Take a look at our kitchen ranges for inspiration, or visit our kitchen showroom in Cheshunt to see examples of kitchen designs for yourself. Then, when you’re ready, feel free to get creative with those fantastic kitchen accessories ideas we have to offer!

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26 Apr 2019

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