The Most Hygienic Doors and Worktops in Our Range

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When looking for your ideal kitchen, perhaps now is a better time than ever to think not only about the style and functionality but also about how easy it is to keep clean. A clean and tidy worktop is good, but keeping it hygienically clean may be challenging if the surface is a bacteria-harbouring home for all those nasties.

This is where our Schüller ceramic range of kitchens can come into their own.

Ceramics is a product of a combination of natural products, such as kaolin, quartz and clay. These are accumulated at high temperatures to generate highly compressed, consistent surfaces which make the Schüller worktops robust, resistant to scratches and one of our most elegant ranges.

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Safe to use with foods

Ceramic worktops provide a hygienic, waterproof workspace which does not release any harmful substances. The poreless structure and surface prevent the development of mould and bacteria. This means the ceramic surface is safe for direct contact with food. Storing or cutting and chopping food directly on the worktop is fine too.

Non-absorbent and resistant to chemicals

Ceramic worktops and doors are waterproof, resistant to liquids, chemicals and alkaline substances making them ideal for use in the kitchen.

Temperature resistance

Having been sintered to 1000 degrees in the production process, ceramic worktops can withstand high temperatures very well but in order to avoid any chance of discolouration, Schüller recommends avoiding placing hot pans directly onto the surface. 


The poreless surface does not absorb liquids or grease, is very easy to clean and is hygienic too. For everyday cleaning Schüller recommends a soft microfibre cloth. Anti-bacterial cleaning sprays are safe to use as well and in areas where food is stored, a two-step cleaning procedure is recommended. It isn’t necessary to treat the doors and surfaces with any special care cleaning products.

Stylish & Elegant

If the hygienic properties of the range are not enough of a draw for you, the smooth and elegant finishes of these worktops and doors will have you spending more time in the kitchen admiring them than any room in the house.

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14 Apr 2020

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