Modular Kitchen Design: Unlocking the Benefits

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Modular kitchens are a modern kitchen design concept with an emphasis on symmetrical lines, organisation and maximising kitchen space. These are undoubtedly the key features of German kitchen design.

Maximising the space you have when designing your kitchen is crucial, something that German kitchens excel at. From internal drawers and pull-out mechanisms to spice jar organisers, every detail is considered. Corner unit options showcase the advantages of modular kitchens. For example, Le-Mans corner pull-out mechanisms ensure the entire corner base unit area is utilized. The two-tier pull-out mechanism brings all your utensils out to you, making it easy to see and access items in typically hard-to-reach areas.

benefits of modular kitchen

Keeping your kitchen neat, tidy, and well-organised is crucial to the design of modular kitchens. You can effortlessly organise and conceal kitchenware inside the units. A great example of the advantages of modular kitchens is seen in the tall, retractable door units from our Next125 range. These units not only stylishly conceal your kitchen appliances but also contribute to achieving a tranquil, peaceful look when closed.

benefits of modular kitchen

Sleek, minimalist and ultra-modern in look, German modular kitchens are very durable and are made from high-quality materials which means the kitchen can easily be transferred to another location if you move home. Repairs to one part of it will not be detrimental to other parts and they come with straight forward, hassle-free installation. The advantages of modular kitchen design are found in its diverse offering of space maximising units, and not forgetting the innovative but practical mechanisms and the overall scope of design flexibility.”

20 Jul 2020

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