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We all have a responsibility to our planet to try to live more sustainably. For some, this means choosing to drive a hybrid car or travelling less by plane. For others, it’s about supporting local businesses and buying locally sourced-food. Whatever your social conscience and however you choose to make your statement, one way that we can all make a difference is by investing in sustainable furniture and appliances for our homes.

Your kitchen is a perfect place to start as it’s likely to be the busiest room in the house with plenty of activity from all the family. For many of us, it’s not only the place to cook meals, it’s also where we eat, relax and socialise with friends and family and share our stories and experiences.

When you’re planning a new sustainable kitchen it’s important to check the practices of your kitchen suppliers to make sure that they are aligned with your values and requirements. Looking at how materials are sourced, what is involved in the manufacture of the products and how waste is controlled are some of the areas that will be addressed ethically by eco-conscious kitchen manufacturers.

Responsibility for the environment

Price-wise, the Nobilia kitchens from KDCUK are an entry-level range of kitchens manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. With quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency the essential elements of Nobilia’s company philosophy, you will be assured of a superbly engineered, stylish kitchen from a world-renowned manufacturer with a green conscience. Their accreditations speak volumes, from being certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) to holders of the Blue Angel eco-label and the RKT recycling certificate, they are forward thinkers in kitchen manufacturing with an outstanding commitment to the environment.

Making a difference

As another German manufacturer of kitchens, Schüller also benefits from its roots in a country which has led the way in Europe with its environmentally-friendly policies and dedication to modern sustainable production methods. From choosing to only use timber from sustainable sources and burning the waste wood that is produced in the manufacturing process to generate heating energy for the company, they also invest in fuel-saving fleets of trucks, showing a conscientious understanding of how Schuller can make a difference whilst still producing extremely high quality, contemporary kitchen products for their customers.

Get involved

There are so many other ways to make your new kitchen more sustainable too. Look out for recycled steel sinks or consider upcycling an old butler sink for a vintage look. Ensure that your lighting is fitted with low energy LED bulbs and research suppliers of recycled porcelain tiles. From choosing energy-efficient appliances, to composting your kitchen waste, there’s scope for everyone to get involved and play their part.
Speak to the experts

As designers and installers of German kitchens in the UK, KDCUK works with German partners, Schüller and Nobilia to offer high quality, stylish kitchens built sustainably with the backing of robust environmentally friendly policies. You can read more about our commitment to the environment here or contact our friendly team today for more information on our sustainable credentials.

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10 Jul 2020

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