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Classic, white kitchens are timeless. White kitchens will always be popular because they are so stylish, light and airy, and create a sense of space. A white kitchen is also the perfect backdrop for the latest kitchen colour trends in 2020.


According to Homes & Gardens magazine, ‘Dark Drama’ is a growing trend. The monochrome combination of black and white is a very popular choice because the contrast between black and white is so striking.

The monochrome look is achieved by more than just using black paint to create a feature wall. It can be created by having black kitchen appliances, cooker hoods, cabinets and work surfaces. This way you can have enough black in your kitchen to make it spectacular, without being too oppressive. Our black super matt kitchen units from the Nobilia range are ideal for creating a monochrome look.

Two-tone colour combinations

In addition to the classic monochrome combination, other two-tone colour combinations in kitchens are also a popular trend for 2020. Instead of black providing the contrast colour, other bold colours are becoming more and more fashionable. According to Ideal Home: “In recent years it’s all been about navy, but expect to see more green in kitchens going forward … it’s increasingly likely to take the form of tiles and cabinetry, in tones of emerald and forest green”.

Also, it doesn’t just have to be a contrasting colour to white – you just need one dark and one bright colour and it can be any combination you want.

Colour pops

Kitchens are great places to add some colour pops. If you are influenced by current fashions, then you can easily change the colour pops from time to time. Colour pops are a fantastic way to introduce some colour into the kitchen, and Homes & Gardens recommend you “throw the rulebook out of the window in favour of unexpected paint-colour combinations”. The easiest way to add a colour pop is to paint a wall, but this is not the only way to introduce colour into the room – you could add some striking wall art, ornaments, blinds and green, flowering plants.

Other ways to introduce some colour

The choice of kitchen materials is another way to add some colour to your kitchen. Homes & Gardens believe the return of strongly veined marble is perfect “for unmissable luxury and next-level style”. It is a fantastic way to add some flashes of colours to your work surfaces. They also say that wood is enjoying a revival, as the warm tones help you give character.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Taps and sinks are available in a wide choice of colours and finishes. Gold, copper and black are all creating the perfect finishes touches for kitchens in 2020, as they add style at the same time as being functional.

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