Modern Design Inspiration for your New German Kitchen

Modern Design Inspiration for your New German Kitchen

If you’ve decided to revamp your kitchen or invest in a brand new look altogether, we have all the design inspiration you need. Modern kitchens that are German-designed incorporate certain elements like high-quality materials, built-in appliances, innovative storage, functional layouts, simplicity (but also a touch of bold colours), and ambient lighting.

To get advice and ideas on contemporary, luxurious German kitchen design, get in touch with us to book a showroom visit and browse Nobilia, Next125 or Schüller C range kitchens.

To get advice and ideas on contemporary, luxurious German kitchen design, get in touch with us to book a kitchen showroom visit and browse Nobilia, Next125, or Schüller C range kitchens.

Read below for the top trending German kitchen design features.

What is the trend in German kitchen design?

Minimalist and Sleek Design

German kitchens are commonly known for their clean lines, minimalist aesthetics and sleek surfaces. Customers that are looking for an uncluttered, “less is more” approach that emphasises the beauty of the kitchen doors and surfaces, often opt for a modern German kitchen design. This gives your living space a more simplistic look while still remaining stylish. There are a variety of kitchen features you can implement into your minimalistic design such as handleless kitchen doors, a tasteful colour scheme, tons of storage so items are put away and hidden appliances.

High-Quality Materials

Traditional German kitchens incorporate natural materials that are both high quality and durable. From wood, stone and ceramic to glass and laminate, there’s a huge variety of materials that can offer you beautiful cabinetry and premium countertops. It’s extremely important to not only select materials that are modern, but that are also sustainable and provide longevity and practicality in your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen flooring, you’ll definitely need durability to be at the top of your requirements. Here are a few flooring choices that can complement the design and aesthetic of the space:

  • Natural stone – achieve a rustic look and feel with slate or limestone.
  • Hardwood flooring – create a cosy and inviting mood with natural wood like oak, maple, or pine.
  • Ceramic tile – for a practical, low-maintenance choice and a touch of warmth and character, go for ceramic.
  • Brick flooring – add old-world charm to your space with the classic brick effect.

Integrated Appliances

In keeping with the favourable minimalistic kitchen, many opt for built-in appliances for a sleek appearance. It’s becoming increasingly popular to integrate appliances permanently into your kitchen design for a seamless and uncluttered effect. UK consumers want a clean and aesthetic view to the kitchen and are choosing convenience over anything else. Built-in kitchen interiors are both elegant and visually appealing. Plus, built-in appliances have many benefits over conventional appliances including space-saving perks. Ovens that are built in are manufactured to keep ergonomics in mind, resulting in consumers no longer having to bend to check on the food.
Innovative Storage Solutions

Storage is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of a kitchen, especially if you want a sleek, minimalist design. A big part of a modern kitchen design is ample storage to keep items hidden away rather than taking up counter space. When it comes to German kitchens, there are numerous options for storage from under counter tops, to large pull-out drawers, deep cabinets and innovative organisation systems – all of which can be tailored to the size of your space. By making smart storage choices, you avoid clutter and are able to maximise your kitchen space.

Functional Kitchen Layouts

German kitchens are well-known for their practical elements but it’s good to note that the size of your kitchen doesn’t impact on it’s practicality. Even smaller kitchens can be designed with ergonomics in mind. Functionality is essential in German kitchen design and much thought is given to the “work triangle” but also making cooking an enjoyable experience. As a result, something as simple as the way drawers open or how a door closes is taken into account during the design process. Think state-of-the-art production techniques to guarantee perfection down to the millimetre. When you invest in German design, you’ll can rest assured that all your kitchen units and drawers will work together harmoniously and effectively.

Emphasis on Lighting

It’s no secret that lighting makes a massive difference to not only how you feel in a particular space but also adds to (or takes away from) the desired aesthetic. In traditional German kitchen design, lighting is an essential element. Warm, soft lighting with fixtures that have a vintage or antique look is very popular, and under-cabinet lighting can be useful to highlight specific areas. Natural light is also a key element in a traditional German kitchen design as this creates an inviting atmosphere. Consider adding large windows, skylights or even a conservatory extension to bring in as much natural light as possible.

Bold Colour Schemes

A simple colour palette is both elegant and sophisticated and colours like white, cream and beige work especially well in a kitchen space. This creates a calm and serene environment that is ideal for whipping up a meal or entertaining. However, you can’t go wrong with a pop of bold colours. By incorporating vibrant accent walls or contrasting cabinetry, you elevate your space and add personality to your kitchen. Colours like teal, grey, violet, navy, apple green and sunshine yellow can complement your other shades and create visual interest to the space.

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9 Aug 2023

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