Kitchen on a Budget: Designing an Affordable Kitchen

affordable kitchen

A kitchen is a big investment, but if you have a limited budget, creating a “kitchen on a budget” is entirely possible. There are affordable options for stunning, hard-wearing kitchens that will look great and last for years. And you can design your affordable kitchen using high-quality units that make the most of the space you have available.

Here is how to design a dream kitchen on a budget.

What’s your budget? 

Before you begin your design, the best thing to do is work out your budget. If you’re going to do the installation work yourself, then factor in what you (truthfully) think you can accomplish yourself. For the rest, you’ll need to hire professionals, so be sure to allow for those labour costs when you’re working on creating your kitchen on a budget.

Best-value fitted kitchens 

If you’re working with a limited budget but still aspire to have high-quality, precision-made kitchen units that stand the test of time, don’t fret. Schüller and Nobilia, renowned for their excellence in manufacturing German-made kitchens, offer the best budget-friendly options. Comparable in price to units found in DIY chain stores, these kitchens deliver extraordinary value for your money. Crafted to last for at least a decade, they not only meet your budget constraints but also provide an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary look. Imagine having a beautifully designed Nobilia kitchen seamlessly fitted with the latest features, including design, survey, sink, and taps, all for around £7,000 (excluding installation), transforming your culinary space into a functional masterpiece.


Also comparable with the kitchen ranges available at the DIY superstores, Schüller and Nobilia offer high-quality, stunningly beautiful kitchens with eco-friendly credentials.

Schüller only uses timber that’s sourced from sustainably managed forests, has an eco-friendly fleet of trucks, uses solvent-free and low-emission water-based lacquers, uses sustainable packaging which is also recycled and certified carbon neutral. All the scrap wood that’s produced in the manufacturing process is thermally cleaned to create an eco-friendly form of heating for the company buildings. 

Nobilia also uses timber from sustainable forests and recycles all its packaging. It offsets emissions from transportation and is certified carbon neutral. It has Blue Angel certification which shows its high standards of environmentally friendly product design. 

Designing your kitchen on a budget

Once you have your budgetary parameters in place, you can begin designing your kitchen. The beauty of buying your kitchen units through us is that the design work is included in the price. As experienced kitchen designers, we know how to use the space, how to create a kitchen that is practical to use, how to make the best use of lighting, and how to maximise storage space, even if you only have a small space to work with. We can even help you make a small kitchen appear larger with a few clever design hacks. We will also be able to alert you to any elements of your new kitchen you may not have thought of, potentially saving your money by avoiding expensive last-minute changes or remedial work. 

If you need inspiration, have a look at our Customer Gallery, where you can also download our Mood Board. When you see how other people have used sometimes limited space to create practical kitchens, it’ll help you visualise what’s possible for your own kitchen. To see our affordable Nobilia and Schüller C Range kitchen ranges yourself, book a tour of our Cheshunt showroom and discuss your plans with our friendly experts. 

2 Mar 2022

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