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A kitchen is a big investment, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be changing it every couple of years! Kitchens are built to last a long time, so you’re much more likely to repair any damage as and when it occurs. But there comes a point when no amount of TLC is going to work and it’s finally time to start visiting kitchen showrooms. Here are some of the signs that you really do need a new kitchen…

The units are falling apart

Maybe the cupboard door doesn’t close properly or hang flush, you daren’t put anything heavy on a shelf in case it collapses, or you can only open and close the drawer if you wiggle a screwdriver at a particular spot in a particular way. If your units have got to this state, then it’s likely they’ll also be looking a bit worse for wear, scuffed and possibly even stained. This is definitely a sign that you need a new kitchen, so it’s time to start a mood board!

It feels like you’re on a historical film set

It’s really fascinating watching movies and TV programmes that are set in the recent past. But when your kitchen’s just like that in real life, it’s more demoralising than interesting. Perhaps one solution is to offer it as a set for the next period drama? However, it’s probably more satisfying to renovate and modernise it.

You carefully place things to hide the damage

Imagine the scenario – you’ve invited people round for coffee, but before they turn up, you spend a few minutes hiding the cracks and imperfections of your kitchen with a well-placed bowl of fruit or decorative plate. That shame you feel about the state of your kitchen isn’t going to go away, and it’s definitely a sign that it’s time for a new kitchen.

When you’ve cleaned it, it still looks like it needs cleaning

Maybe your worktops and cupboards are so old that their finish and colour has faded, or they are so scuffed and marked they look permanently dirty, even when you’ve just been up to your eyes in elbow grease. Definitely, time to look at more attractive replacements.

You need more space

If you need more space in your kitchen – maybe your family’s growing or you’ve discovered a love of baking – it’s always possible to find a way to make the available space more efficient. With the help of a good kitchen designer and all the clever accessories that make full use of modern cupboards, you can do much more with your existing space without having to resort to extending your house.

The layout’s wrong for the way you use it

Maybe you’ve just moved in and the people who owned your home before weren’t as interested in cooking as you are. If the layout is wrong for your needs, it will make cooking and baking more difficult and therefore less enjoyable. Time for a major shake-up or a new kitchen entirely.

Just because

OK so your kitchen isn’t falling apart, local historians aren’t asking to study it, and it’s perfectly functional for your needs. But it’s past its prime and, quite frankly, you’re fed up with it. You’ve got enough money to upgrade, so why not do it! If your old cabinets are still serviceable, you may even be able to sell them, or find them a new home on a local freecycle website so nothing goes to waste.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new kitchen, check out our high-quality basic and mid-range German kitchens – they will give your home a real wow factor.

3 Nov 2020

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