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Best Value and Designer Kitchens: Popular Trends

The Latest Kitchen Designs & Ideas for This Year

Compared to 2020’s navy kitchen cabinets and copper accents trend, 2021’s top trending kitchen designs have completely changed the game. After spending so much time in our homes over the past two years, we have all become intimately acquainted with our kitchens. We have also spent hours browsing Pinterest drooling over flawless kitchens that boast a sort of effortless elegance only attained by the likes of celebrities like Beyonce and Blake Lively.

The Modern Kitchen Movement: Designer Kitchens

And yet, the top 2021 designer kitchen trends arent all about appearances, there is also a heavy focus on practicality. After all, we have all realised (some of us the hard way) that if our kitchens arent a space where we want to spend time, we lose one of the more important rooms within our homes.

So, if you are looking to update your kitchen with new design inspiration, exploring trends in 2021, or just in the mood to browse the best of what the new kitchen has to offer, look at our breakdown below. We unpack how the latest kitchen trends are stylish yet practical, with something to suit the needs of everyone.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

2021 Calls for a ‘Dream Kitchen

It’s safe to say that in the last few months, kitchens have never worked harder, as we spend more time at home and use our kitchen spaces to adapt to a new way of living. Our kitchens have become the most multifunctional and most used room in our homes, some of our kitchens have become makeshift home offices, in 2021 kitchens are evolving.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Design A Kitchen To Fit Into Your Own Home:

Beyond being a room in your home that is a way to add value to your property for resale, your kitchen is a room where you spend a large portion of your time. Maybe you have had your eye on a gloss kitchen island, or perhaps a bigger bora cooker, statement splashback or a whole new kitchen colour scheme.

Or, after spending hours in your kitchen and browsing the internet looking at other options, you know exactly what you do not want, and are looking for a bit of inspiration. Whatever the case, you are in the right place.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Designer Kitchens & 2021 Trends

1. Compact and Clever Contemporary Kitchen Design

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Designer kitchens in 2021 boast minimal clutter and efficiency. Designer kitchens focus on making the most out of the space that you have available. When presented with a smaller kitchen space it is essential that your kitchen layout is planned carefully to ensure every inch of your kitchen is utilised to its full potential.

Our Dream Kitchen is Practical:

Examples of how this is being done in 2021 designer kitchens include, creating a bank of cabinetry along one wall in your kitchen. This is a great way of streamlining and opening up your kitchen space. Moreover, tall wall units are particularly suited to narrow, galley-style kitchens.

The Perks of a Kitchen Island:

Don’t be afraid to include an island or breakfast bar in your kitchen to help make it feel less cramped. Opting for an open or floating island will keep all areas accessible and provide additional seating opportunities. Moreover, the space under your kitchen island’s worktop can be used as extra storage space.

2. Hot Water on Demand

Designer Kitchens in 2021

In the new area of products that deliver almost instantaneous solutions to many of our problems, we have become accustomed to getting things done quickly. The rise of hot water taps is no different. Modern kitchens are incorporating hot water taps as a replacement for kettles, and this is a trend that is taking off.

Google searches of hot water taps increased by 25% in 2020 alone, suggesting that this is definitely a trend to look out for in 2021. We believe that hot water taps are going to be a sought-after item for the modern kitchen design of 2021.

3. Seeing Red

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Red is the somewhat surprising shade trend for kitchens in 2021. Colourful kitchens are set to be a huge trend for 2021, as we spend more time indoors looking for a colour to enhance our mood and our classic kitchen styled spaces.

For many of us, it seems as if we have been staring at the same four walls for some time now and 2021 is all about taking risks with our home design, creating a new environment. Homeowners will be looking to experiment and introduce new, bolder shades to bring their traditional kitchen to life.

4. Statement Splashbacks & Surfaces

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Homeowners and designers aren’t staying safe anymore, in particular when it comes to surfaces they use and incorporate into their kitchens. Kitchen work surfaces are beginning to become a statement space, where kitchen designers are beginning to take great pride in giving the surfaces in their kitchen project a modern take.

People are wanting to make more of a unique statement; from waterfall islands to their worktop surface choices to ceiling splashback concepts. Where we are really seeing kitchen designers and people experiment in 2021, is with their worktops and surface choices.

6. Structured Simplicity

Designer Kitchens in 2021

The trend for a streamlined kitchen style is set to reach new heights of popularity this year. Skilled craftsmen are putting their minds to solving the less-is-more minimalist demand for cabinetry and open shelving that is both beautiful and practical. This streamlined and minimalist approach aims to create a calming kitchen area within your house using clean sweeping lines.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Smart Storage

Kitchen designers in 2021 are choosing high-quality materials and items crafted by skilled craftsmen that put strong lines and functionality at the forefront of your kitchen design. Moreover, an essential part of structured simplicity in 2021 is integrating appliances and hidden storage to ensure the smooth look of your kitchen is not disrupted.

Want to update your kitchen with clever storage solutions & clear your worktops?

In a time when we strive to declutter for our overall wellbeing, storage is key. Especially in kitchens where we need so many ‘things, from the ingredients to the cooking equipment. Well-placed, concealed kitchen storage ideas are a saviour for the aesthetic of our kitchens.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

KDCUK German Designer Kitchens

At KDCUK, we have two affordable ranges in our portfolio of designer German-built kitchens, both of which are stylish, modern and of excellent quality.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Nobilia Range

The Nobilia range is our contemporary entry-level range which offers a complete package of all the elements you’ll need for your designer kitchen. With units and worktops at a set price, you then simply choose your appliances, taps and splashbacks from the same supplier source which is a great way to keep costs down.

Designer Kitchens in 2021

Schuller C Range

While you’re looking at our Nobilia kitchens, why not consider our Schüller C Range too? With high-grade quality units and mechanisms, this range has all the benefits of German engineering at a more reasonable price. Offering the finest materials and finishes in a huge range of colours and textures, it’s the perfect way to have a bespoke kitchen without losing track of your budget.

Invest in Quality German Designer Kitchens:

Our experienced team, specialising in German designer kitchens, consists of designers and planners who are here to assist you. They will collaborate with you to create your ideal kitchen, employing state-of-the-art CAD software to help you visualise the end result. Understanding the significance of merging functionality and aesthetics, our commitment shines through the seamless integration of German design principles into every aspect of your kitchen project.

Is your kitchen due for a remodel in 2021?

Contact us for our registered office opening hours, information regarding our delivery date options, design service and kitchen styles & colour advice.

Want to take the next step? Browse Our Ranges…

Nobilia Kitchens, Schuller Kitchens & Next125

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