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Kitchen Accessories Ideas for Your Schüller Kitchen

Kitchens are made to last, which means they’re less prone to the ins and outs of fashion. When you’re going to live with something for at least a decade, you’ll want to make sure it’s something you’re not going to fall out of love with. So, if you’re exploring new kitchen designs for inspiration, the best thing to do would be to agree on the kitchen style you’d prefer—whether it’s modern, classic, or rustic—before you start looking at what’s available.

The most in-demand kitchen genre at the moment is modern/contemporary, with many popular styles available. Advances in technology and changes in society’s social dynamics are impacting the way we use our kitchens, and contemporary kitchen design reflects this. Clever accessories for drawers and cupboards are incorporated into new kitchen designs to help us manage kitchen gadgets while allowing us to follow recipes on our devices at the same time, keeping them out of harm’s way. Here are some of our stylish kitchen ideas.


If you’re looking for a kitchen that’s industrial in style, you can have the look without losing any of the warmth of a modern kitchen. Schüller’s Next 125 Ceramic Concrete Kitchen is an understated and elegant style that will fit in with any modern home. From Schüller’s C Range, the Concrete White Grey and the darker shade Concrete Quartz Grey are more affordable options—on a par with the DIY-store ranges. For the more budget-conscious, Nobilia provides a great option in the form of the Cement Grey kitchen. All will look great with your industrial-style accessories, furniture, and decorations. Explore these options as you consider new kitchen designs that match your preferred kitchen style.


There’s no reason why kitchens have to be neutral in colour. As we spend more and more time in the kitchen, whether it’s where you sit when working from home, part of open-plan living, or somewhere you tend to socialise, it’s more important than ever to enjoy your kitchen, and beautiful colours can make all the difference. Schüller’s Next 125’s Curry Satin Kitchen in saffron yellow introduces a vibrant touch that can be contrasted with darker colours to make it stand out more, or it is cheerful enough to stand out on its own. In contrast, the C Range’s sumptuous Aqua Blue Matt Kitchen will add sophisticated air to your home—perfect for entertaining. And if you prefer pastels, the Nobilia Aqua Supermatt will bring colour into even the darkest of kitchens. Explore these options as you consider new kitchen designs that match your preferred kitchen style. 


With modern kitchen ranges, you can have all the advantages of a wooden kitchen without the difficulties, such as the price and the challenge of easily stained worktops. For example, Schüller’s Next 125 Natural Walnut is flexible, hard-wearing, long-lasting, and, above all, beautiful. The C Range Old Oak Barrique introduces a beautiful oak effect that will give your kitchen a sophisticated look. The Nobilia range also offers a choice of wooden finishes, including the Sanremo Oak, a light oak reproduction that will complement any kitchen. Explore these options as you consider new kitchen designs that match your preferred kitchen style.


Increase your feeling of space with a white kitchen such as the Next 125 Solid Polar White. White kitchens are a great way of instilling a sense of cleanliness and minimalism, as well as providing a great backdrop to display objects in strong colours. In Schüller’s C Range, the Crystal White Gloss Curved Kitchen adds interest in the form of shape and a high-gloss finish that has a real wow factor. Additionally, we offer a budget-friendly option with the Nobilia Alpine White, providing a neutral timelessness that will never go out of style. Explore these options as you consider new kitchen designs that match your preferred kitchen style. 

To explore our kitchen style ranges and discover new kitchen designs for yourself, make an appointment to visit our kitchen showroom in Hertfordshire.

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